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    GMs pickup - worlds FIRST hybrid pickup

    Have any of you seen this truck? Look at GMs HEV out there now. A great driver and serves as a generator as well. Its come in handy on the construction sites. They have serious capability and I hear the new Tahoe is even better..this is an awesome truck. It has that engine that shuts cylinders down when your're grocery shopping (or going to golf) and all power is on tap when you throw the camper on back! Really. I also hear GM will come out with a new hybrid next year. Good american iron, unlike some of these pansies that like the asian crap they feed us. And by the way, Toyota and Honda are finding out what it means to mass produce cars - they have recalls everywhere! The Prius shutting down on the freeway to the oddessy locking its drive wheels at highway speeds!
    If you dont buy, go to EPAs websiite and compare the numbers....a current GM pickup gets 3 (yes THREE) mpg better than the Tundra (joke truck)....and it has more power and torque. Now..I ask who gets better mpg.

    I'd like to get one and wondered if anyone has been in one?

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    GMs pickup - worlds FIRST hybrid pickup

    This isn't really the best forum for GM truck advertisements, John. We're not at all impressed with a "hybrid" vehicle that gets 18 MPG City, 21 MPG Highway, 19 MPG Combined (http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/noframes/21082.shtml) - but then you cleverly failed to mention that rotten mileage in your message, didn't you?

    And you also neglected to mention that GM might not be making as many vehicles as last year, or employing as many people as last year. Any ideas why that might be, John? Do you think it might have anything to do with making too many vehicles that get 19 MPG (or less)?

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    GMs pickup - worlds FIRST hybrid pickup

    Paul, I feel for you. You seem frustrated - and somehow think because I talk up GM I must work for them??? The reality is (although I am impressed you think I could) that I have nothing to do with a car company and do like hevs but I have seen no other car company do a truck - and you haven't either. So, until it happens we should hold our criticism....right? hat's off to Gms effort.

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    GMs pickup - worlds FIRST hybrid pickup

    GM is using BAS (Belt Alternator Starter) in their hybrid system.
    Basically they remove the alternator and bolt on a rubber V-belt driven electric motor/generator.

    Personally with GM's BAS system I don't think it wil be account to more than simply an expensive vehilce for the "Hybrid" name.
    But you will get the AC outlets in the bed of the truck.

    I came from a Mopar-exclusive family and my HCH purchase back in '04 was a big change.
    But....I've heard that Mopar-Benz is working on a new hybrid system that is different than anything else. I'll be in the market again in 7-8 years and surely hope I'll be able to buy a new Dodge that uses that system.

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    GMs pickup - worlds FIRST hybrid pickup

    Steve, thanks for the level support. I believe the GM truck has something in the powertrain - it is not a bolt on the alternator ...I checked the onlygm.com website where I found what is copied below...what I did not know is they have big buses that are hybrids too:


    2004: Introduction of world's first full-size hybrid pickups

    With our flywheel alternator starter (FAS) hybrid system, the Chevrolet Silverado (18 mpg city/22 mpg highway 2005 EPA estimate) and the GMC Sierra (18 mpg city/22 mpg highway 2005 EPA estimate) offer:

    An estimated 10% improvement in fuel efficiency, the highest estimated fuel economy of any full-sized truck
    The ability to recharge while braking
    A high-power (2400 W) mobile generator with outlets that can power TVs, heavy-duty power equipment, and more - a feature not offered by other hybrids
    The same pickup, durability, and reliability as the gasoline-fueled version

    2003: Introduction of GM Allison Hybrid Electric Diesel Propulsion for buses

    Transit buses stop and go constantly, contributing to air pollution. GM is committed to finding solutions that make a widespread impact on the environment and the economy. This system provides:

    A significant fuel economy improvement
    Lower emissions
    Superior torque and better acceleration than conventional diesel buses
    And all with operation sound levels equal to passenger cars.

    GM has delivered more than 345 hybrid-powered buses to 22 U.S. cities, including Seattle, Minneapolis, Portland, Salt Lake City, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Houston and Austin - and in Yosemite National Park. And now the first 50 GM hybrid powered buses will begin to roll into Washington D.C.'s Metro fleet by the end of this year. Our full hybrid diesel electric drive system for buses delivers:

    The most efficient hybrid architecture available in the world today
    Significantly better fuel economy than traditional transit buses
    Reduction of certain emissions by up to 90%
    In fact, if the U.S. had only 1,000 GM hybrid powered buses operating in major cities, the cumulative savings would be more than 1.5 million gallons of fuel annually.

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    GMs pickup - worlds FIRST hybrid pickup

    Paul, you may not be impressed by the MPG on these trucks. Bottom line is that in its CLASS, the GM Hybrid truck gets the best MPG. Different machines have different jobs, and different power requirements. Nothing new to that. Trying taking the beloved Pruis to a construction site and see how much it'll haul...

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    GMs pickup - worlds FIRST hybrid pickup

    The Hybrid truck that will set the stage for all others to catch in every aspect of truck design, assembly, fuel economy, performance, reliability, and technology is currently in pre-production and will be built at the newly contructed plant in Texas.
    Wow!, who could be such a company to have such insight into global warming issues, alternative fuel research, and actually be one of the last companies to build with PRIDE in product.
    You knew who this company was before you even read this far! TOYOTA!!!
    The FTX 3/4 ton HYBRID "2006"
    Wish I had use for a truck, but I will stay with my 2005 Prius which has been the best vehicle purchase decision I have ever made
    The American auto industry finds itself in a self created situation, which was not helped by a lax government and policy orientated to oil consumption. Sure, go and drill for oil in Alaska for what may supply America with oil for 6 months. While we're at it, why don't we just nuke the whole planet and get total world destruction over with.
    Frankly, I hate waiting for things, let's just get it over with. Sorry, I'm going into an area I don't want to get into on this forum. Simply, The future is here, and it is called Toyota. You could not give me an American built vehicle!!!

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    GMs pickup - worlds FIRST hybrid pickup

    >> The Hybrid truck that will set the stage for all others to catch in every aspect of truck design... TOYOTA!!

    That awaits to be seen...

    >>Wish I had use for a truck...

    Thank you, Gordon, for being honest and content. The reason we are addicted to oil is not because Trucks/SUVs are evil (which they're not), but because their market share has been bloated by people who buy them because they WANT them, not because they NEED them. Of course, I'm probably preaching to the choir...

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    GMs pickup - worlds FIRST hybrid pickup

    This is not a "full hybrid" truck. It isn't even a "half hybrid" truck. It is more of a marketing ploy. I get that kind of mileage from my F-150 V6. A full blow hybrid like my Ford Escape gets markedly improved mileage over a conventional V6 model. Around town, I am often running strictly on the electric motor. The gasoline engine shuts down completely. With the Chevrolet truck, that isn't happening. First tank on my Escape yielded nearly 36 mpg and my old Escape was about 20-21 mpg overall. The last two tanks on my F-150 was right at 20 mpg.

    A full blow "true hybrid" full-sized pickup truck ought to be getting about 25-26 mpg and that would be acceptable for most people as they are probably lucky to get much more than around 15-16 mpg for all around use especially with a load. With the heavy duty models expect about 10-12 mpg, if you're lucky.

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    GMs pickup - worlds FIRST hybrid pickup

    Don't let the JAPS fool you when you buy $4,000 worth of batteies you'll be looking at Amercan Cars and Real Trucks

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