Have any of you seen this truck? Look at GMs HEV out there now. A great driver and serves as a generator as well. Its come in handy on the construction sites. They have serious capability and I hear the new Tahoe is even better..this is an awesome truck. It has that engine that shuts cylinders down when your're grocery shopping (or going to golf) and all power is on tap when you throw the camper on back! Really. I also hear GM will come out with a new hybrid next year. Good american iron, unlike some of these pansies that like the asian crap they feed us. And by the way, Toyota and Honda are finding out what it means to mass produce cars - they have recalls everywhere! The Prius shutting down on the freeway to the oddessy locking its drive wheels at highway speeds!
If you dont buy, go to EPAs websiite and compare the numbers....a current GM pickup gets 3 (yes THREE) mpg better than the Tundra (joke truck)....and it has more power and torque. Now..I ask who gets better mpg.

I'd like to get one and wondered if anyone has been in one?