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    Paul, I was to hard on the exdriver, I thought he was another poster who gets on a hybrid forum and just bad mouths all hybrids. The kind who doesn't own one and doesn't want anyone else to. Maybe I was wrong about him.

    I'm aware of what the Prius and Honda can do and I drive in the real world in real traffic like everyone else. I've learned something about the FEH that can save others alot of money on gas. Getting over 40mpg on a tank of gas in every day driving is not that hard. The key is EV and cruise control. Can anyone tell me why hauling around a full 300lb battery and not using it much is a good idea? Everyone must mixed their speeds, drive roads that are hard on FE, run the A/C at times and drive highway speeds. Their is no reason not to help your mpg average whenever you can by using EV.

    Driving even 35mph in a 45mph limit with heavy traffic is crazy, let alone a freeway. There are roads all over the place in this Country that people can choose from if the want to save gas and not bother anyone.

    The important thing in my post that I want to make clear is the FEH give all drivers a big choice of how to drive to get the mileage they want with having "THE EV Advantage".


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    Paul...on your comment...you drive 80 all day long in a same non-hybrid version and you'll get the mpg too...the hev does nothing at those speeds...check the tech out first.

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    You did misinterpret me - but that's ok, I have tough hide. I am a supporter of hybrids. My wife has an HCH and I've gotten over 60 mpg using it on the highway.

    I fully believe you and agree with your assessments, its just that the average driver will not be able to realize the performance you get since they are probably not able to do the kind of driving that you do.

    I don't want them to be disappointed or feed the ICE industry's misinformation campaign that "hybrids don't deliver their advertised mileaged".

    Your statement that "there are roads all over the place in this country that people can choose from is not completely correct. In most urban areas, one is faced with 2 bad choices: Stop-and-go with a lot of lights, or freeway. You won't get the extreme performance you state under either of these conditions. Since most people in this country live in urban areas, most will be disappointed if they try to get the performance you do.

    Another point that you might be interested in regarding hybrids or pure EV's is that the extra mass from a battery does not impact mpg as much as mass in a pure ICE since regen recovers a lot of the momentum.

    The pure efficiency of the battery-electric drive train (~85%) compared with the poor efficiency of the ICE drive train (~25%) means that the more electric use, the better - this is born out by your results.

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    ex-EV1 driver, sorry for the misunderstanding but I took the time to post information for FEH owners and those thinking about buying a Ford hybrid that may help them. I took your response as damage to my intent.

    If I knew the FEH could perform or had the posibility to perform like the Prius or Honda Civic Hybrid, there would be no question in many peoples mind to stick to the larger SUV.

    Many people may think I'm a hypermiler or what ever because I can get over EPA estimates, that's not going to help others feel they can get the same mileage. There is to much BS and people need to be given the facts. The theory you give about false hope just pisses me off. If anyone has a question to me, please ask. I get up in the morning and put my pants on like everyone else. If God gave me a gift, I'm sure he would want me to share it. I'm trying!

    Now this urban crap, I think I drive urban also like most hybrid owners or those considering a hybrid. Your Honda can't perform in Stop N Go driving, my FEH CAN! It may be something you don't understand because you don't have one. The things I put in my post to charge the battery, you just don't get because you don't have a FEH.

    The fact is, I don't have all the answers in life but I can give my opinion to help others to get result that I get. I'm not testing my FEH like groups in ideal situations! I drive like everyone else that can make a choice.

    The best thing the FEH offers is a big choice. EV can save big bucks, others can't or will not admit to it. Any question? Please ask


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    I thought the prius was only in EV mode when first starting or stopping. Will it stay electric only while slowly moving?

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    Let me jump in here, partially so that GaryG realizes we're basically on the same side here.

    Both the FEH and Prius are what I term "weak, full" hybrids in that they can operate in EV only mode at low speeds (ie generally when starting up). GaryG, explains that by careful driving, one can able to keep his FEG in EV-only mode for long periods of time and thus take advantage of the efficiencies of electric propulsion.

    As Gary points out, if you want the best efficiency known today, you need to maximize the amount of electric use since the battery-electric drive is about 85% efficient in energy conversion while the gasoline (ICE) is only about 20%.

    For completeness, I term the current Honda Civics as "weak, partial hybrids" since their Electric assist power is less than their ICE power and they cannot move without their ICE running. Of course, some will likely disagree with my terminology.

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    Thanks for the reply. Are there any "strong.full hybrids"? Also does the mph when the gas engine kicks in vary with car?

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    Unfortunately, there are no "strong, full" hybrids on the market - for various reasons that I won't touch right now. Today, we can only be thankful that there are any "full" hybrids. The good news is that today's hybrids are good but there is a lot of room for future improvement so the future looks even brighter!

    I don't know that anyone has broken down the mileage of the gas engine (ICE) alone - I'm sure the manufacturers know it but they probably won't tell. ICE-only gas mileage with Hybrids is just like pure ICE. The bigger the engine, the worse the gas mileage but more power.

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    Thanks, I meant how fast could you go before the gas engine turns on. Someone has said around 40mph in the escape with slow acceleration, but maybe only around 15 mph with the prius.

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    My understanding is that with the Prius, there are 2 real criteria and one fictitious (software controlled) one for starting the ICE:
    1. battery charge gets below some amount (~50%)
    2. speed exceeds some level (~45 mph) due to limitations with the ICE/EV power converter.

    The fictitious reason is software that turns on the ICE at ~15 mph. The EV-only mode button found in non-US versions overrides this and enables the physical limit not the fictitious one.

    Perhaps the FEH has a higher software threshold than the Prius.

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