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    Hybrid dangers for first aiders


    I came across this newspaper article in the New Jersey Star Ledger. The article suggests that hybrid cars may be dangerous to first aid responders because of their electrically system. IE. after a hybrid flips over a first responder asks, "Where do we put the "jaws of life" and not get electrocuted." I find it interesting that the author doesn't consider the dangers of a flaming wreck. Does anyone have an educated opinion on this. Any engineers have an idea? I would like to know.


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    Hybrid dangers for first aiders

    HELP NEEDED IMMEDIATELY. My 2007 Camray Hybrid is going to be in this week. Now the insurance man tells me there that if you are in an accident and need the jaws of life or anything metal that needs to come in contact with your hybrid, good luck. Guess there is a chance of electrution to the rescue team so they wont help you until they know its safe, which will take a lot of time. This really scares me because I was buying this car because if was suppose to be the safest around. Now it sounds like a not so good idea. I can still turn this down when it arrives, but I have to decide. Please any opinions or suggestions, email to me cause I have no idea how I got to this place. sandygetstuff@sbcglobal.net

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    Hybrid dangers for first aiders

    Sandy cross posted, that that is ok. I understand her concern.

    Simply put. Don't worry.

    Your emergency responders are trained, and hybrids are not 4-wheeled lightning rods. They are safe.. and the 'safe zones' for cracking a crashed hybrid open are identical to any other non hybrid vehicle.

    Your elec wires are super neon orange and easily identifiable.

    Just think about your car. You sit in a multi-ton piece of moving metal with an enclosed tank of explosive fuel. Adding a few wires and a battery pack don't make it any more dangerous than it already is.

    If anything your new/modern vehicle with advanced airbags and safety structure is SAFER than the rolling sarcophagi we have called vehicles in the past

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