Just read the article about Oil Dependency on this site.

What is missing is BUY USA...the American auto industry use to be tops. But our politial system has opened up the doors of free trade and encouraged a GLOBAL economy. It has forgot what "Made in the USA" use to mean something!

1. Invest in the USA and encourage Oil independence.

2. Stop buying foreign made products.

3. Congress and the Senate should look after America's interests for a change.

4. Encourage "Made in the USA!" Walmart destroyed that with their globalism...buy CHINA policy.

5. Establish a national program of Oil / Energy independence like the Manhattan Projec or the Apollo Moon project. Set a goal of 5 years to turn off foreign OIL!

Let your Congressman and Senator know that things have to change...or they are out the door. Too many professional politicans being bought out by PAC money for off-shore interests!