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    Off-Road problems????

    I am considering purchasing an Escape Hybrid AWD, However I can't seem to find anyone who is actually using this vehicle off road. The one tiny piece of info I located mentioned problems with the elect. componets location and off road use.
    Anyone out there use this vehicle consistantly off road? am I limited to moderate terrian in order to not damage Hybrid components???
    Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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    Off-Road problems????

    I've taken mine off-road on a number of occasions, and it has performed admirably. I'm coming from a modified Toyota 4x4 so to say that the FEH was impressive off-road means a lot. Obviously it's not meant for extreme stuff since there's no 4WD Low gearing or anything, but I got through some areas where other 4x4 pickups got stuck (I'm sure off-road experience was the factor there).

    As far as worrying about the hybrid stuff... don't. You don't have to be concerned with avoiding any conditions you wouldn't take a regular Escape through. I met with the engineers who built the FEH and they made absolutely sure of that.

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