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    Whats Missing In a Hybrid?

    Hey folks...Im involved with a marketing group project catering to the hybrid cars. We've already done research on who the target market is...however were wondering in a sense who's not? ... who should the manufacturer's be advertising to? whats the missing target group that were overlooking? as in it's already a fact that females 35-40ish are primary drivers. however what about males 25-50? how could they possibly be catered to?

    So since i happen to be a frustrated female trying to work through most hybrid confusion...hers a question....so to the 25-50 males out there right now...what are you looking for in a car/hybrid? what are your wants/desires for buying this car? what options do you feel should come standard? i've talked to a great deal of my friends about this already most males agree that #1 a hooker should come standard. hmm... perhaps. but on a different note. what idea/invention would you like to start seeing in a hybrid car? whats not already out there? and just what would push you over the edge to purchase one?

    the reason i ask is we trying to create a product...or just present one thats seemingly an unmet need for the hybrid car driver...and were trying to base it off an primarily unmet target customer? what group isn't buying these cars? and why? how could we change that?


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    Whats Missing In a Hybrid?

    My (unresearched) opinion is that the missing element is the NASCAR demographic and the NHRA (National Hot Rod Association) demographic and the SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) demographic and all those others for whom power and speed and other macho projections of their masculinity define their being. They just don't get it.

    There's still a lot of Americans who lead an unexamined life - who honestly and sincerely don't know and/or don't care that they use ten or a hundred times more energy than the rest of the world.

    The one thing that will sell way more hybrids is the plug-in hybrid which is well-described elsewhere on this website.

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    Whats Missing In a Hybrid?

    have 110 V outlets in the cab & in the trunk. having the capability to plug in home apliances while boating-camping-driving is handy. have battery capacity to run simple gear for several hours. to use at a work site, or to plug my home fridge into the car if/when my home electric craps out.

    a plug in version to charge up at home with my solar panels.

    make them strong enough to have reasonable tow capacity - like 2000 pounds.

    find BIGGER gas tanks! i've yet to have a car with enough tank capacity! my HCH is 12 galons. they couldn't find 3 more galons someplace? or 10 more?

    classier looking cars? take the old guy boats like a grand marquis & turn it into a hybrid!

    there's more...

    see ya

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    Whats Missing In a Hybrid?

    Three things.




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    Whats Missing In a Hybrid?

    I ordered my 2006 Civic and it should arrive in mid december. I am a 37 year old married male and chose these options. It's interesting to note that I could have gotten the car almost a month earlier if I would have not added these options.

    NAV (must be pre-ordereg from factory)
    Leather (aftermarket from dealer partner)
    Sunroof (aftermarket from dealer partner)
    Tinted windows (aftermarket from dealer partner)

    I wish I could have dual climate, heated seats, auto wipers, outside freezing temp. warning etc.

    I love the little comforts that luxury cars give but I wish there were more of them available in the hybrid. I could drive a 5 series BMW if I wanted but I love a good value and the feeling that I am "sticking it to the (opec) man" driving an unconventional electric car.

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    Whats Missing In a Hybrid?

    A manual transmission option... call me stupid, but to me a manual is so much more fun to drive than an automatic (boring!). I know the Insight is available as a manual, but the Civic no longer is (trend?). Besides, if they start making sports car hybrids, this'll really be a big deal... sports cars gotta have a manual transmission! Until this is an option, I probably won't be buying a hybrid... perhaps I'll buy a diesel instead... a manual of course!

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