Hey folks...Im involved with a marketing group project catering to the hybrid cars. We've already done research on who the target market is...however were wondering in a sense who's not? ... who should the manufacturer's be advertising to? whats the missing target group that were overlooking? as in it's already a fact that females 35-40ish are primary drivers. however what about males 25-50? how could they possibly be catered to?

So since i happen to be a frustrated female trying to work through most hybrid confusion...hers a question....so to the 25-50 males out there right now...what are you looking for in a car/hybrid? what are your wants/desires for buying this car? what options do you feel should come standard? i've talked to a great deal of my friends about this already most males agree that #1 a hooker should come standard. hmm... perhaps. but on a different note. what idea/invention would you like to start seeing in a hybrid car? whats not already out there? and just what would push you over the edge to purchase one?

the reason i ask is we trying to create a product...or just present one thats seemingly an unmet need for the hybrid car driver...and were trying to base it off an primarily unmet target customer? what group isn't buying these cars? and why? how could we change that?