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    >I have 2006 HCH. after 46K

    >I have 2006 HCH. after 46K the IMA light on and service battery (12v) dead. I replaced the service >battery and all lights gone. after 3 weeks the IMA lights on. it won't go off.I think Honda have some >problem.

    You have a problem with the IMA system and it stopped charging the 12V battery. You kept driving the car until you drained the 12V battery. When you replaced the battery, the car's computer was reset, so it took a little while to figure out that you had a problem again. You have 46K miles, so it is under warranty. Take it in to the dealer and have them fix it.

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    Anyone who even has a dream

    Anyone who even has a dream of a Bonneville getting 35 mpg obviously has trouble calculating mpg.
    Your driving has a lot to do with how good your mpg is. In fact, mostly.

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    I have a 2004 HCH. I've had

    I have a 2004 HCH. I've had the judder problem 2 times now. The first time, the dealership fixed it under the warranty. The 2nd time, I went to a different dealership and they disagreed with me that it was under the warranty so I ended up paying for the repair. Despite calling and complaining repeatedly to the management at that dealership, I never received a call back and frankly, only gave up because it is not worth my time. I have sworn never to have my current car or any other Honda I may purchase in the future, to this dealership.

    Now, for my current problem. At least 3 months or so ago, I had the same problem as Jennifer B. My IMA, check engine, Brake (even though I triple checked that my emergency brake wasn't on), and ABS lights went on as well as the green light flashing next to my D gear AND my car wouldn't start. I called AAA and they jumped it but suggested I get a new battery or that it could have something to do with the alternator. I drove straight to Pep Boys to get the battery tested and they said it was fine but given those other problems, to have the dealership check it out. In the meantime, the lights went off so I didn't worry as much about it but asked my ex-husband who is a technician for Infiniti to test it with his tool that checks for error codes. Nothing popped up that was related to any of the lights that were previously on. Three months go by and my car seems to be driving just fine.

    Fast forward to yesterday...the IMA, ABS and Brake light came back on. Since I did not want a repeat of the last visit to the previous Honda dealership, I took it to an independent Honda repair shop who check it out but said they couldn't repair it since they think it is something that should be covered under warranty. When I went to pick up my car to take it to a different dealership that the technician recommended, my A/C doesn't work! It worked fine yesterday morning. I am hoping that it is somehow related to the IMA issue otherwise I have another problem to deal with. As you all can imagine, I am EXTREMELY frustrated. As soon as I hear what the verdict is from Honda, I will post the update.

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    Honda to Fix Battery

    Honda to Fix Battery Software in 90,000 Civic Hybrids
    2006 Honda Civic Hybrid
    battery failure

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    The IMA light is on and it

    The IMA light is on and it will not charge the batteries for the electric motor. Someone said it could be a relay I don't know can someone help me. I stop or slow down and their is no bars on the IMA charge indicator.

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    I loved it to with 250

    I loved it to with 250 thousand miles ,the IMA is not charging.

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    well i have become double

    well i have become double minded should i go for honda hybrid 2006 or not. in fact when i saw this car, i was really impressed and planned out to buy this car. But after having gone through all above, i have become shaky to go for this. At moment i still not decided to go for this or not. I am working in a remote area and if i face problem with this then i dont think so that availlable mechiancs even attempt it

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    I am in the same boat as

    I am in the same boat as Anjumaziz..... I want to buy one but this sounds bad... IMA...lights...failing power... Is it worth taking the risk?

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    I am in the same boat as

    I am in the same boat as those above. Was looking into private party purchase of a HCH, but after hearing about problems with the battery and the high cost to replace it, I am strongly reconsidering. The only benefit of purchasing this car is the MPG. After researching gas mileage, this car will save me about 600 dollars a year, as long as it works like it's supposed to. However if I have to replace the battery in one or two years, those savings go out the window. It seems like it's too big a risk.

    here is the website to compare gas mileage:


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    g?eat points altogethe?,

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