A friend of mine owns an 2006 HCH. Bought it new. At 100k of mostly freeway driving the tranny died. Honda replaced it under an extended warranty. At 200k the IMA is dead or dying. Honda wants 3k to replace it. No help.

The owner is in financial distress and has been limping along on the weak IMA. Couple of days ago they put in a new 12v battery. Now the car is dead at the bottom of the driveway. The owner says the transmission is making the same noise it made when the old tranny went out.

It is a Honda for crying out loud. They are not supposed to do this kind of stuff.

I'm researching it. Read the posts. Talked to mechanics. Much fear and loathing. Consulted the Magic 8 Ball. "All Signs Point to No."

Asked the dealer if the battery pack could be disabled so that the car could still be used as a gasoline driven vehicle. Dealer says it is impossible.

Alas and alack.

Based on this thread, Civic Hybrids (or any Hybrid that cannot run without its battery pack) make no sense at all. Not if they are going to die this early with this many problems. Truly better off to buy a standard Civic.

Or a Yugo.

A 1.3 liter Civic may not win races, but it should still be able to be used. Honda, you have a major design flaw.