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Thread: Prius Packages

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    Prius Packages

    For you Prius owners, what packages for the 05 do you have/recommend?

    Still debating between the 06 HCH and the 05/06 Prius...

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    Prius Packages

    Bought a prius last week after months of waiting and debating between the 06 civic hybrid and the prius. My decision was largely due to price; civic hybrid was marked up to about $26,900, the Prius with package 6 that i found for MSRP was $27,066. Therefore, for the comparable price, i figure i might as well go with all the great features of the prius. The following are things i like about one versus the other;

    2005 Prius:
    - great feature: particularly the package 6 (i.e. voice activated navigation, bluetooth capability, HID headlights, smart key system, JBL speakers, 6 disc indash CD, etc)
    - rear visibility: i have read some review saying that the civic has better rear visibility, but i found the "hatchback" styling of the prius provided better rear viewing.
    - Storage: not only does the hatchback styling of the prius offer ample storage, but the front driver/passenger area also has ample compartments, slightly more than the civic. The rear seats also have 60/40 split fold down. (the civic hybrid rear seat do not fold down because of the battery pack)

    2006 civic hybrid:
    - styling/body: i don't mind the prius body, but i think most people find the new civic body for stylish and universally appealing
    - power: i though the civic had better pickup, as you would expect with the greater horse power.
    - handling: definitely better cornering.
    - interior fabric: the civic interior fabric seems more durable and less "fleece-like"
    - price: depending where you are in the country, the mark-up may not be as much for the civic

    Availability is also an issue. At least for the next month or two when the civic hybrid because available, you would be hard pressed to find one if you haven't pre-ordered, put a deposit down, or been on a waiting list. The Prius on the other hand, is available in a number of the larger dealerships, and some are sitting on their lot for 1-2 weeks without selling!!!

    Price aside, i leaned towards the Prius because of the features it had. It just felt like you were driving a totally different kind of vehicle, unlike anything you have driven before. I would go with the civic hybrid if you mainly want the hybrid fuel economy, but retain the styling, power, handling of a normal car. I use to drive a Mazda3 before it was total'd. Now i don't mind the prius at all despite the drop of in power, mostly because of all the gas $$$$ we are saving and the carpool lane access.

    hope that helps. good luck haggling with the dealer.

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    Prius Packages

    "The Prius on the other hand, is available in a number of the larger dealerships, and some are sitting on their lot for 1-2 weeks without selling!!! "

    Is this really happening?

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    Prius Packages

    When I bought my Prius on 11/11/05 from a toyota dealer in Long Beach, CA, i had called them 3 days earlier to inquire about if they had any prius'. At that time, they told me they had 2 available, for MSRP+$4000. I politely said no thanks. If I recall correctly, they had said, at that time, that the Prius came in "a few days before". When they called me back on 11/11 to offer the car to me at MSRP, the rough math would add up to at least 5-6 days of "lot life" before i purchased one of the prius. That still left another prius there, which presumable sat on the lot at least a few more days before it was sold, if at all.

    During that week, i had also contacted another toyota dealership in Carson, CA. They had apparently gotten a shipment of 5 Prius the week before. I called them on a tuesday and they had sold 3 over the weekend and had 2 left. Again, that would mean the cars have been of the lot for at least 5 days. I didn't purchase a prius from them, but with their $5000 mark-up from MSRP, i think it would be until the following weekend that somebody makes a trip down to the dealership to try to haggle down the price, which the salesperson had hinted at it was possible.

    All of that having been said, i did find some dealers, both big and small, who did not have any prius' on their lot at that time. So i think it is all in timing. My feelings are that people in this area aren't looking for Prius' as hard as they are for the 06 Civic hybrid. It is my opinion only that the tables are slightly turned in terms of price and availability of civic hybrid vs prius, with purchase of prius slightly more favorable for the buyer than in times past.

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