nice to see counties jumping on board. $8000 savings in 5 years from their analysis.

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L.A. Co. Going Green, Buying Hybrids
LOS ANGELES - The Board of Supervisors decided to buy hybrid vehicles whenever purchasing new non-emergency passenger cars for county use.

Beginning next year, the county will purchase hybrids whenever it is economically feasible. The supervisors said the new vehicles will help reduce pollution and cut costs on gas.

"We can contribute in that way to cleaning our air," said Supervisor Zev Yaroslavsky. "I couldn't help but notice that we are now back to championship status in dirty air in Southern California. We can do something about that, we can do something about conserving fuel."
Over the course of five years, the cost of operating a hybrid vehicle is $8,000 less than a traditional gas-powered vehicle, according to the unanimously approved motion introduced by Yaroslavsky and Supervisor Mike Antonovich.

Because manufacturers make only a limited number of hybrids per year, Yaroslavsky said the county should order new vehicles now for 2006 and 2007.

"I believe we can help shape the market," he said. "If the manufacturers know that we're in the marketplace for X amount of hybrid vehicles ... they can begin to plan their manufacturing schedules accordingly."