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Thread: Need Help!!

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    Need Help!!

    I just got my Escape Hybrid last week. I have some questions.

    1. Do I need to reset the mpg monitor every time I fill up my tank?? It dosen't seem to be as efficient as I thought it would be? Granted I only have 50 miles on it, but......

    2. Is better to drive in cruise control? Is it more efficient for gas??

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    Need Help!!


    You can reset the MPG monitor any time you want. I usually reset mine when I fill up. It doesn't do an automatic reset so you can get the average for several tanks of gas if you don't reset it.

    Your gas milage will only be about 26 in town untill you learn how to keep it in the electric mode. The main trick is the initial acceleration from a stop. If you are not really easy on the accelerator, the gas engine will start immediately. Once you get to 20MPH on electric, it is fairly easy to get to 35 before the gas engine will start. Around town in 30MPH speed zones, I can often keep running in electric mode until the computer decides to start the engine to recharge the battery.

    One other thing you need to learn is to brake early when you are coming to a stop. The gas engine will shut down below 40MPH if you hit the brakes. You just need to hit the brake for a short time to get the engine shut off as early as you can.

    Also don't be afraid to shift into low range when you are on an exit ramp or something similar. That just increases the battery recharging and shuts the engine down at 40MPG. You can actually drive any speed in low range but it is a little difficult at low speed because of the braking effect.

    The cruise control gives the best gas milage under most driving conditions. If you have a lot of steep hills where the engine RPM is going above 3,000 RPM, you will be better off speeding up a little on the down hill and slowing down going up. Gas milage seems to drop a lot if the engine goes to 4,000 RPM.

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    Need Help!!

    Oops, make that 40 MPH in the next to last paragraph above.

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