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    Did anyone see the survey done on CNN, that asked "does the gov't do enough to encourage less reliance on foreign oil?"

    96% of the people answered "no".

    My question to the group: What can the federal/state gov't do to encourage less reliance?

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    Well, from a tax/regulation point-of-view, the government can subsidize research in alternative fuel sources and encourage use of renewable energy sources by offering incentives and breaks for using/installing such devices. Even more, state governments have the capability to do so. Several states have instituted state income tax credits for purchasing hybrid vehicles. However, in the end it is up to the people to make the conscious and conscientious effort to change their habits and end our reliance on the pollutive, nonrenewable, foreign energy sources.

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    It seems to me that if our republican-dominated political nachine in Wash DC really wanted to help their rich budies a little more, they would subsidize or underwrite the aggressive development of alteratives to fossil fuels to an extent that those ventures would attract the investment moneyes of many of those wealthy guys. Perhaps that is too simplistic a view, but only because I am so confused by their 2006 Hybrid tax discount scheme. Secondly, they, the Wash DC machine, could simply pay the car manufacturers a clean $2,000 for each hybrid they sell (at any price) that is rated at better than 45 or 50 MPG.

    Thirdly, can anybody tell me if I am being scammed by Honda when they tell me they must use special engine oils ($12.00 per Qt.) when they change the engine oil in my 2004 Civic Hybrid? It makes me wonder.

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    Next time you get your oil changed at the dealer, ask for your half-bottle of oil (which you paid for) - they put in 3-1/2 quarts, I think. Shake the bottle -the "special oil" is 0 W 30 - it has the viscosity of water. It provides less drag inside th engine.

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    I believe that the reason the manufactures do not get the money $2k directly, it is because Congress feels that the consumer would not get a discounted price.

    It empowers consumers to do more for themselves.

    Congress also gets to bank on the money for another year before anyone gets that refund.

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