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    You look at the long list of

    You look at the long list of hybrids on the market and not one wagon. What is holding this up?

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    If there was a hybrid Subaru

    If there was a hybrid Subaru Outback or Impreza wagon, or a hybrid Toyota RAV4 I would buy it in a heartbeat.

    Hello, are you car companies listening?

    What's truly amazing is that if you compare these models to their 2001 equivalents, the gas mileage has gone DOWN!!! The Prius is great and everything, but hen Toyota says it want's to go green, that just doesn't jive with how their RAV4 and pickup trucks keep getting bigger every couple of years and the gas mileage keeps going down.

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    I am joining the ranks in

    I am joining the ranks in requesting (begging?) for a hybrid wagon. I can deal with 3-5 mpg less to account for the shape of the car. I don't want a hybrid suv. Although it would meet my needs, it doesn't get the gas mileage I want. I have a 40 mile round trip commute, and as gas prices rise, I get more and more frustrated. We already have a Prius and love it to death. Wouldn't trade it for the world. C'mon Toyota, make a hybrid wagon - I'll buy it! I swear!!

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    I want a hybrid wagon too.

    I want a hybrid wagon too. Subaru or Toyota or... I don't care. Are you car manufacturers reading these pages??? Listen there is a niche here!

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    Let me add my voice to this.

    Let me add my voice to this. I need a car that has room inside, but I don't want the overall height of the car to be more than about 65" - I have a small boat I need to put on a roof rack, and the top of an SUV is just too high up - a hybrid station wagon similar to a Subaru Outback or somewhat smaller would be ideal. Even better if it was more American.

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    I could not agree more! I'd

    I could not agree more! I'd buy a hybrid Outback TOMORROW if I could.

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    Hope that someone in the car

    Hope that someone in the car industry is listening, because my husband has a small construction business and we are desperately seeking a hybrid wagon, as he needs the extra space to transport tools and materials and is getting killed financially due to gas prices of over $4.00 per gallon in our home county, Westchester County, NY. My husband says that diesel fuel is expensive and environmmentally worse than gas, so the hybrid is our vehicle of choice -- if only we could find a hybrid wagon or small van.

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    It looks like people having

    It looks like people having been asking for a hybrid station wagon for over two years - what's wrong with car industry to not hear us?

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    I have three children and

    I have three children and two large dogs and when we go on vacation...we NEED a large enough vehicle to fit everything! Would love a hybrid, but they only seem to be coming out too small or way too large! I drive a Pontiac Montana extended and allthough the mileage for a van isn,t bad 26/30 approximately...would really like a more enviromentaly friendly and more gas efficient car. I heard even one dealership was doing away with their minivans and suvs and going to only put out the smaller or what they consider sedan size hybrids ( can,t recall the dealership ) If this is true, what do large families do? We,d have to purchase two cars and drive separately if that were the case...and thats not going to happen in our house! Would love to see a good size wagon or minivan come out in a hybrid with really good mpg's Can anyone explain why we only have tiny hybrids and huge hybrids coming out with nothing inbetween? Somebodys really missing the boat here! I predict in a year or two a foreign car company will come out with a hybrid minivan or wagon and our American companies are going to miss the boat again! Why does it seem like our car companies, allways seem to be the last ones to really put out a good vehicle that everyone wants? Would love to see a hybrid Subaru outback!!!

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    I have a 1993 Toyota Camry

    I have a 1993 Toyota Camry station wagon with 250,000 and still going.
    I am ready for a Camry station wagon hybrid as it would be functional and durable.

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