I picked up my new Mariner hybrid a few days ago. Haven't had it very long but so far love it!

I previously wouldn't buy an SUV but now have to admit I do like the size and convenience - for me, hybrid was only way I'd buy an SUV.

For other hybrid SUV owners .... so far, I'm not getting the mileage I'm supposed to .... not even very close. I'm hoping it's just that it's not "broken in" yet. I'm basing this on the info relayed through the navigation/hybrid reporting system - not on actual calculation of gas used and miles driven - I would think it would be fairly accurate though. I drive a mix of city and highway miles. Any ideas?

I'm thinking of getting a personalized license plate - another thing I would not have done before. I'd like to draw attention to the fact that it's a hybrid. My husband is against the idea. It may be kind of corny but, why not? Any suggestions?

Tax incentives - not sure how this will all come out. Since I paid quite a bit more for the hybrid version, it would be nice to make up some of that with a tax break. I ordered the vehicle - best I could tell, there was no way to negotiate so I paid full price - ouch! When I ordered it, I thought the tax deduction I'd hopefully get would only apply if I got the vehicle in 2005. Now looks like there may be a better deal for people getting hybrids in 2006. So far, the Mariner is not on the IRS approved list for 2005 deductions but I figure that will change. Am I out of luck for the 2006 credit?

As for creature comforts - the Mariner is very nice - has just about anything I could wish for!

Glad to be a new hybrid owner :-)