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    Mariner hybrid - mileage & other ???

    I picked up my new Mariner hybrid a few days ago. Haven't had it very long but so far love it!

    I previously wouldn't buy an SUV but now have to admit I do like the size and convenience - for me, hybrid was only way I'd buy an SUV.

    For other hybrid SUV owners .... so far, I'm not getting the mileage I'm supposed to .... not even very close. I'm hoping it's just that it's not "broken in" yet. I'm basing this on the info relayed through the navigation/hybrid reporting system - not on actual calculation of gas used and miles driven - I would think it would be fairly accurate though. I drive a mix of city and highway miles. Any ideas?

    I'm thinking of getting a personalized license plate - another thing I would not have done before. I'd like to draw attention to the fact that it's a hybrid. My husband is against the idea. It may be kind of corny but, why not? Any suggestions?

    Tax incentives - not sure how this will all come out. Since I paid quite a bit more for the hybrid version, it would be nice to make up some of that with a tax break. I ordered the vehicle - best I could tell, there was no way to negotiate so I paid full price - ouch! When I ordered it, I thought the tax deduction I'd hopefully get would only apply if I got the vehicle in 2005. Now looks like there may be a better deal for people getting hybrids in 2006. So far, the Mariner is not on the IRS approved list for 2005 deductions but I figure that will change. Am I out of luck for the 2006 credit?

    As for creature comforts - the Mariner is very nice - has just about anything I could wish for!

    Glad to be a new hybrid owner :-)

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    Mariner hybrid - mileage & other ???

    You are out of luck on the 2006 tax credit. You must have purchased the vehicle after 1 jan 06. Just because you buy a 2006, it doesn't automatically qualify. You have to buy a new (2005 or 2006) AND be the first owner, after 1 jan 06 in order to qualify.

    The $2000 deduction that you get this year could be more than what the new law would give you. Some of the vehicles on the list aren't getting much. Its the prius, honda civic and insight that are getting the best credits.

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    Mariner hybrid - mileage & other ???

    If you've "taken possession" of the Mariner in 2005, then that means you will not be eligible for the 2006 credit. However, you should be able to get the 2005 $2000 deduction. I'm sure they'll update the list to include it (assuming that the Ford Escape hybrid is on that list). With the mileage, what are you getting? You should expect to get a lower than what the EPA rating is, unless your city driving consists of little to zero idling and you drive the highways at 55mph. However, you should be getting a better mileage than a nonhybrid SUV, and even slightly better than some large sedans.
    Congrats on the new hybrid!

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    Mariner hybrid - mileage & other ???

    Did the Mariner Hybrid have a 110V "regular plug" type option? I know the Escape Hybrid does and I don't see this on the website. Also - I've read other postings (can't remember where) and others have said a break in period is required in order for the onboard computer to adjust to your driving style. Best bet (as far as I can tell) is to just accelerate as slowly as possible.

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    Mariner hybrid - mileage & other ???

    To "Hybrid soon" - funny you should mention the 110 volt outlet. I expected to get that but it does not have it. Looking back, it could be that I assumed it would have one since the Escape does (or can at least - I originally was looking at buying an Escape). I may have been mistaken or somewhere out there is some wrong info. I thought about checking back with the dealer but have decided not to b/c, from looking at picture of the Escape, having the outlet uses up a cubby hole that is otherwise quite handy (in my opinion). We decided we can live without the outlet since it would be rarely used anyway and would rather have the storage cubby. I doubt it can be added now but I've decided I'm better off without it.

    On the mileage - I was hoping to average in the upper 20's since I drive a mix of city and highway (I think the EPA estimates are 29 highway, 33 city). I probably do more highway driving relative to a lot of people since I don't live a densely populated area (Kansas City area - very spread out). So far, the computer is showing overall average of low 20's. I'm also trying to adjust my driving habits to be more efficient. Hopefully I can bring the average up as I get used to it.

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    Mariner hybrid - mileage & other ???

    Good luck Mariner Hybrid Owner! I'd be interested to hear how much mileage you are getting as time progresses. I'll poke around for the discussions I've read in the past which directly address the mileage issue.

    Did you get your hybrid from a dealership in Kansas City? I called a few local dealerships and they had no info whatsoever regarding options- and I want to order a Mariner hybrid! I'd be interested in calling your dealership. The only other info I've gotten so far has been on the Mercury website.

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    Mariner hybrid - mileage & other ???

    This may help with your quest for better mileage:


    Keep us posted!

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    Mariner hybrid - mileage & other ???

    Yes - I bought the Mariner from a local dealer but only after doing the internet "ordering" process. If I recall correctly, I filled out an "order" and then was directed to a local dealership to complete the deal. I test drove a non-hybrid Mariner but since there are no hybrid Mariners at the lots, I don't think you generally get to test drive one. It surely was the easiest sale for the salesman he's likely had since I had already pretty much made up my mind. My prior car was 8 years old and I had decided a hybrid SUV was in my future - just had to decide which one. I quickly narrowed it down to the Escape and Mariner. I wanted virtually all available options so, as it turned out, the Mariner was actually about $100 less than the Escape with comparable stuff added (the Mariner has more "standard" stuff, only comes in 4WD and adding options is simpler for the Mariner b/c more items are packaged). If you don't want a lot of the options, the Escape might be better.

    When I ordered the Mariner, the salesman at the dealership wasn't too familiar with the hybrid either and it was unknown when I would actually get it. It turned out to be pretty quick - about 8 weeks. It just so happens that the Escapes and Mariners are assembled in the Kansas City area so it only had to be shipped about 20-25 miles - maybe that helped with the quick delivery.

    Good luck with getting yours!

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    Mariner hybrid - mileage & other ???

    The Mercury Mariner is NOT offered with the 110 Volt plug option. I checked the Ford "Mercury Mariner Hybrid Order Manual" as well as the owner's manual for the 2006 Mercury Mariner Hybrid (the Ford Escape Hybrid's owner's manual has instructions for use of the 110 Volt Outlet) as well as the computerized order form that dealers use to order custom built Mariners from the factory. None of them show an option for the 110 Volt outlet.

    I have a week-old Escape Hybrid (with a 110 Volt plug). I am showing an average miles-per-gallon of 32.4 MPG (on the front-wheel-drive version -- the Mariner is full-time four-wheel drive so your results will be worse). The way that I've achieved this is to always drive in the Low "gear". As you deacelerate (coast to a stop), the Low "gear" turns on the electric motor when you're going below 40 MPH. Since we're dealing with a CVT transmission, the "low" gear isn't really a gear, it's just a software routine which tells the computer to be more aggressive using the electric motor. The more you use the electric motor, the better your mileage will get!

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    Mariner hybrid - mileage & other ???

    Congrats on your Hybrid purchase and the link to this forum. Keep us updated on the mileage! I will be driving my mariner hyrid on a mix of highway and city as well, so I am interested in your results. My foot tends to be heavy, but I have started to curtail that kind of driving in anticipation of the newer suv.


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