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    Porsche Cayenne conversion anyone???

    I am thinking of buying a Porsche Cayenne and would love to convert it, even partially to a hybrid fuel efficient hi performance car. Is this at all possible or am I nuts in thinking it can be done? How cool would that be?
    Thanks for your ideas on this.

    Eve Bernshaw

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    Porsche Cayenne conversion anyone???

    Sounds like someone has more money than brains.

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    Porsche Cayenne conversion anyone???

    If you took the engine out to swap it for a hybrid engine, you could probably sell the engine and buy two hybrids.

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    Porsche Cayenne conversion anyone???

    Common folks - I think this question is worth entertaining. Why can't someone hybridize an exotic sports car? I have a 2002 Carrera, and I would actually like a hybrid conversion. But the reality check is that you would need special wheels made (for electricity generation) and you probably won't find a hybrid engine that will pump out 325 horsepower to maintain the fun factor. A used Carrera motor is worth about $10k on the open market.

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    Eve A hybrid for any


    A hybrid for any application is quite simple, you would not have to remove the engine at all,just the transmission and drive shaft and replace them with two matched DC motors and a 17000 watt generator that are available in a compact size, it is quite simple to install and is a proven platform, your original motor would spin the generator supplying the power to both electric DC motors, your MPG would depond on how fast and how many miles you can cover in two hours if you want more info you can contact me; royal.centurion@gmail.com I can do the conversion at my shop in LA

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    For all you that have made

    For all you that have made fun of this request shows that you are not up on current event regarding hybrids, EV, NCG,and hydrogen conversion application that are readily available.
    The request was a simple one, and logical. anything that drives on the road today can be converted.
    If you do your resarch you will find that these applications are viable
    the only issue is the cost, the typical conversion starts at $18,000.00-$48,000.00 dependent on motors and battery type.
    So if you want your 1964 GTO converted to a hybrid, no problem,...how about a Hummer H2, no problem,...Lamborgini, no problem,...it does not matter what type of car, 2wd or 4wd, mid engine, front engine, rear engine, desiel, or what ever
    The applications are available right now

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    regarding the 2002 Carrera,

    regarding the 2002 Carrera, how about 1,240 lbs of tourque to the rear wheels, and 400hp hybrid conversion, or if you want more fun how about a C4 application AWD that will give you 2,480 lbs of tourque how much fun would that be?, 0-60 sub 4seconds if you can get the tires to grip, 140mph+, interested? I can do the conversion in my shop in LA, contact me; royal.centurion@gmail.com

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