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Thread: Rotary Hybrid?

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    Rotary Hybrid?

    Do you think Mazda should wed the rotary engine to hybrid technology? The rotary engine is very powerful and has very few moving parts. Hybrid technology mated to a rotary would solve two of the rotary's problems: high emissions and low gasoline mileage. The smaller footprint of the rotary could free space for the interior.

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    Rotary Hybrid?

    Mazda's Hydrogen-fueled rotary engine hybrid is described in a two-year-old article at http://autoweb.drive.com.au/cms/news...doc=maz0310282

    Here's something a bit more recent: Nov 7 2005: "In November, Mazda’s first hybrid powertrain will be installed in its Tribute sport utility vehicle; it is to go into use at 25 American fire departments, largely in California. Sales to the general public are expected in 2008." - http://www.thedailyjournalonline.com...ticleId=203305

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    Rotary Hybrid?

    Currently, Ford has no plans to combine a rotary engine with its hybrid powertrains. Remember, Mazda is a Ford-owned Japanese automaker.

    The Tribute is essentially a Mazda-ized Escape.

    Other Ford hybrids include the Ford Maverick/Mercury Mariner, and coming soon will be the Ford Fusion/Mercury Milan/Lincoln Zephyr hybrids.

    However, Mazda's innovative rotaries which are known for their huge amounts of power made from such low displacement engines (and maybe the fuel efficiency) could be a match made in heaven when combined with an electric motor in an RX-8.

    Oooh... Now that I mentioned it, I think this would be the sexiest looking hybrid if such a project does get the greenlight!

    What do you think

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    Rotary Hybrid?

    And the Mazda Tribute is not really powered by a rotary engine, but again, if a hybrid RX-8 were to be produced, you can be sure they'd leave showroom floors quite quickly.

    And the Tribute hybrid is expected in Fall 2006, not in 2008.

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