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    should hybrids get special priveledges??

    the title says it all. i say yes.

    In a recent article I read in the Boston-Metro, the state is hearing a lobby to give all hybrid car owners free street parking. Let me be the first to say, Yea!!!...later it will extend to parking garages, but, I doubt it'll fly.

    Anyway, what would y'all like to see as far as perks???

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    should hybrids get special priveledges??

    In VA and CA, hybrids get to use the HOV lanes. In VA that could end. It is set to expire in June unless it is renewed. Not all hybrids qualify for the use either, for instance, the Honda Accord Hybrid.

    Its been a semi-hot debate over whether to continue the waiver for hybrids. Those people who carpool feel the hybrids are clogging the lanes and the hybrid owners are arguing that the lanes were put in place to conserve energy, not reduce congestion.

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    should hybrids get special priveledges??

    Both hybrid and diesel should get the same priveledges. Nice to see that diesel car buyer will get a tax break in 2006. look like i brought my VW Jetta TDI two year to soon. getting med 40s

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