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Thread: HCH 06 Safety

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    HCH 06 Safety

    So I'm currently shopping for a new car, and of course I'm looking for a hybrid. Right now it's between the Prius and the 06 Civic hybrid. One of the major safety issues I've noticed with the Civic is the lack of Traction control and Electronic Stability Control (or whatever Toyota calls it). Is this a big issue? I currently drive a 94 Maxima, which I'm sure does not have either of those safety features. I prefer the Civic's design and pricing (everything like Side Air bags appears to be standard, except for the Nav - the Prius has various packages, so stuff like ESC is optional and thus more expensive), however I like the Prius' advanced technology (the Bluetooth, the wire shifter) and the massive cargo volume.
    I mean, I know that it's a sedan that's low to the ground, and I don't live in a hilly or rainy area (Atlanta, GA). But the mere fact that the Prius offers Traction Control and optional ESC is a big plus for it, if it's really that big a deal.

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    HCH 06 Safety

    I too am looking between the o6 hch and the prius. Both look very safe, I have had traction control on my last two cars and don't see that as very major. I don't know about the stability control. I am leaning to the prius because of the hatchback and storage, but the dash of the hch is neat. Surely there are lots of us out there looking at these two cars.

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    HCH 06 Safety

    Brad - I was also shopping for a hybrid a few months back and also narrowed the choice down to HCH or Prius. I suggest you read the thread called "honda civic vs. Toyota Prius for comments from others.

    I have never had any Electronic Stability control and personally prefer to drive the car instead of having the car do what it assumes needs to be done. I Lived in Western New York (Buffalo Area) for several years and drove on a lot of slippery roads. Bottom line, you drive according to the conditions and you never need to worry about needing the Electronic Stability control. On the other hand, you have no control over someone running into and therefore I find the Side Curtain air bags that come standard on the HCH more of a safety feature.

    Funny you mention the Prius' advanced technology as a positive. I actually saw the "power Button" and wire shifter as negatives, but because they were different from what I was familiar with. Sure I sure the "oddness" of these would be short lived, but for a non-hybrid driver to hop in (I have parked people in at parties and had them move my car), it would be a bit intimidating

    Massive cargo volume - Yes the fold down rear seat is nice if you plan to haul things, but as I said in another tread, with the back seat up you can seat 4 and have enough luggage space for 2.. or you can fold the back seat down, sit 2 and have enough space for luggage for 4! Again, this is just a personal thing based on how you plan to use the car. Mine will be mainly commuting and maybe short trips (nothing that requires huge suitcases or the ability to haul a ton of building supplies), so the Honda fits me better.

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    HCH 06 Safety

    Thanks, Larry. With my decision, I can't tell if I'm looking for any excuse NOT to get the Civic or if I'm looking for flaws in the Prius that will get me away from it.
    What I've figured so far:
    + Larger passenger/cargo volume.
    + Third-year for that model (less problems likely than in the 1st-year model Civic)
    + Traction control and Electronic Stability Control

    + I like the design better.
    + More price efficient (lots of standard features; no packages)
    + Less of a wait

    So, I've come to the conclusion that the Prius is probably a more practical car, but I'm not necessarily needing the practical car. On the other hand, I'm in no real rush to get a new car, so all the waiting for the Prius is not really an issue. What IS an issue is the market price inflation that dealers attach to the Priuses. No way am I paying $3500 over MSRP for a Prius. Also, I'm hoping that with gas prices going back down, what with refineries reopening and winter on its way, the demand will go back down a little.

    Also, I've decided that if I get a Prius, I'm gonna get a bumper sticker that says: "Drill the Alaskan Wilderness"

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