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    If there is a class action

    If there is a class action suit, I would like to be involved.
    Here ware guess if the problem is the computer, the ballast or the bulb. Why doesn't Toyota simply do a recall and fix it. We could be years chasing this problem at considerable expense. ntimm

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    This is scary. We don't

    This is scary. We don't really know what Toyota is replacing when they charge all this money. Either that or we are over-thinking the problem set. Experience says: could very well be Toyota is sneaking another replacement part into the installation without telling us. I am ripping mad. ntimm

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    While driving in the rain

    While driving in the rain with my passenger headlight out, yesterday, I saw another Toyota Prius with the passenger headlight out so I thought I'd jump online to see if this was a common problem. Surprisingly, more so than expected. I have not gone to the dealership yet as I know this will be pricey. Any update before I spend the cash I don't have?

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    Just got back from the

    Just got back from the dealer with the same problem as others here...both lights go out. Won't come back on until I turn off/on the switch.

    The dealer here wants $345 a piece just for the lamps. I didn't even ask want the install price would be.

    Anyone have success with replacement bulbs? Any word on a class action?

    I'll just keep turning them off/on until...

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    I have an 2007 Prius bought

    I have an 2007 Prius bought May 8 2007, It now has 86,000 miles on it. Up until about 2 months ago my car was running fine. Then the head lights started going out. I would turn off the switch and turn it back on and the lights would come back on. The lights have a mind of there own. One will go out and the next time the other will, and a couple of times the boths light have gone out at the same time. Now the tire pressure light has come on and I can't get it to go off. I love my Prius and am driving the wheels off of it. But was doing a little investigating to see if any one else was having this problem, and I 'm glad I did. I have an appointment to get them fixed on the 24th.

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    I'm trying to install the

    I'm trying to install the hid myself to save money, got Phillips online for $70. toyota won't sell the bulbs even to car audio dealers, they want the big bucks for themselves. The Toyota bulb is $75 but the dealer wants $380. Pretty ridiculous mark up I'd say. Probably a little price fixing scam as well. Toyota also trys to say the computer is involved and you can't do it yourself. We'll see.

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    My Prius is currently at

    My Prius is currently at 55,000 and the dealer says one of the headlights is starting to flicker. Estimated cost was around $450 for the bulb and $570 with installation.

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    Don't feel so bad now. Have

    Don't feel so bad now. Have 2004 Prius with 295,000 miles. Driver headlight just now flickering.

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    I have a 2005 prius that I

    I have a 2005 prius that I bought as a with a salvage title. Every thing is great except the Hid light that was installed after the collision keeps going out after 5 minutes of use. I wander if ther is some balast/ driver in there that is faulty? I hate to pay big bucks to get this fixed. any ideas.

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    2008 Prius with 45,000 miles

    2008 Prius with 45,000 miles on it and same issue- the driver's side headlight is on when i start the car and quickly goes of, staying off for the remainder of my drive. the mechanic at the Toyota dealer says that it's overheating and going off as a precaution not to start a fire. finally replaced it at $150 parts, $40 labor here in Cincinnati

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