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    I just got my 05 Prius last night. I am not sure if this is normal or not..but has anyone experienced a slight shudder that only the driver can feel when at a stop and all systems just go to the battery system? It occasionally does it when i just start driving too but not while driving. I don't know if it is something normal or not?

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    When at a stop and all systems go to the battery sounds like maybe the engine is shutting off. You can feel the engine when it starts and stops if you pay close enough attention. Its pretty quiet while running so all you really get is a little shudder as you called it whe it shuts down. That will happen at a stop and when driving at a steady speed but not likely when you are accelerating. It is more difficult to dedtect when moving.

    Hope that helps.

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    Thank you! yes, i only feel it when the engine is shutting down at a stop and occasionally when just starting from a stop. i don't feel it at all when driving. i assumed it was normal...but a shudder like that in a "normal" vehicle would indicate something is wrong. I love the car!

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