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    Anyone have schematics?

    Alright folks. Here is my story. I am a vehicle customizer in the greater NY area. I am looking to build a "hybrid limo". I have an exsisting knowledge of limos for obvious reasons, I need to get a hold of basic schematics, not so much for the nitty gritty of the motor, more of where everything is mounted, computer controls etc.

    Now I believe from what I have heard everything is integrated into the main floor board of the vehicles, I am looking to use the Toyota Prius, but would prefer to use the Toyota Highlander due to it's size(and the ability to accomidate 7 passengers to start)

    The thought is to stretch either frame, add in an outer body shell (probably a cross between the Prius and a Lincoln Continetal) and then viola, a green limo!!!

    This is an early hypothesis, and as such I'm trying to keep this as quiet as possible. Any ideas to help, please let me know. This is a project I really want to work.

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    Anyone have schematics?

    This will drive some people crazy but do it anyway. The best choice is a 2wd Highlander. Get to a hybrid class before attemping this. I am a hybrid instructor. My web site is www.auto-careers.org

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