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    Hybrids- Honda Accord + Toyota Highlander

    I own both vehicles. If I knew then what I know now, I would have never purchased the Honda. Not only is the urban mileage atrocious-- 15 to 18 mpg while driving like my grandmother-- but the overall quality of the vehicle is poor. I paid to upgrade to leather, only to find out when I wore throught the plastic seam in a couple of months that my "leather" seats weren't leather after all. The car doesn't even have a spare tire! They give you a can of sealant in case you get a flat. Two thumbs down all the way around.

    The Toyata on the other hand, is a great vehicle. Handles better, more thoughtful interior design and panel displays and gets substantiall better city mileage (22-24), even though it is an SUV. The leather seats are real AND you get a spare tire. Imagine that. Much better value than the Honda.

    Do yourself a favor and don't make the mistake I did: if you're thinking of the Accord Hybrid, keep shopping!

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    Hybrids- Honda Accord + Toyota Highlander

    Why did you "Pay to upgrade to leather" when all Accord Hybrids have leather standard?

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    Hybrids- Honda Accord + Toyota Highlander

    Don't think of the electric drive on the Accord hybrid as an economizer, think of it as a supercharger. That car was designed for performance without paying the huge penalty, not as an economy car. Remember, it still has the big V-6 ICE.

    Without the electric part, you're mileage would probably be worse.

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    Hybrids- Honda Accord + Toyota Highlander

    Ditto on the city mileage with the Honda Accord (more like "rhymes with 'city'"). Taking conservative driving to an extreme, I peaked at 19 miles per gallon. Except for down-hill with a tailwind, I cannot imagine driving conditions that would net someone 29 mpg in the city. Generally pleased with highway (consistently 37 mpg) - too bad this is less than maybe 10% of my weekly useage.

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    Hybrids- Honda Accord + Toyota Highlander

    My '05 HAH with 4,600 miles (4 months old)
    averages 23.8 MPH city and 36.5 highway.

    If you're averaging BELOW 20 mpg city some-
    thing or some-one is "oops"

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