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    Towing with 2005 Prius

    I know that the warranty forbids towing with the Prius, but has anyone tried towing anyway? I want to tow a light teardrop trailer with my Prius (the one I found is about 80lbs tongue weight and 500lbs unloaded/800lbs loaded).

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    Towing with 2005 Prius

    You HAVE to be kidding me - apparently you don't understand Prius HEVs...they are good for FE (when they aren't on the roadside. Forget it - buy a Ford/Chev/Dodge V8...

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    Towing with 2005 Prius

    Look at your Prius maint. book carefully and you will find a schedule for oil changes for "towing". According to the Prius Group at Toyota in Torrance, CA, towing with a "properly equipped" Prius does not automatically void the warranty. I installed the CoastalTech hitch on my 05' Prius and have had warranty work at my dealer without comment.

    I plan to try towing a T@B trailer. Seems like a good fit.

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    We are the largest

    We are the largest distributor of teardrop camping trailers, we have Toyota Prius's that pull our trailers all the time. Check our site out!

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    Want to get a Teardrop

    Want to get a Teardrop wondering if the Prius can pull it whats your website?

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    OK, so I am not talking

    OK, so I am not talking about towing anything heavy, just to get that out of the way. I have seen some tow hitches for these and I just purchased a Prius C. Milwaukee Moving Company

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