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    Honda "Service Specials" ?

    Hi - the '06 HCH I have on order will be my first Honda, so was wondering if Honda sends out mailings with coupons and service specials you can redeem at your local dealer? I own a vehicle from one of the "Big 3" US Auto manufacturers and periodically get a newsletter with coupons for $$ off oil changes, tire rotations, AC Check, etc

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    Coupons are just dealers way of advertising. It is very likely you will get "deals" or "specials" from them. They make good money from service and they want to get you hooked on it.

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    Watch for the "update" or when they say "free oil change on your vehicle" - I'm topld recently a "hybrid producer" was quietly giving you badly needed update for the "computer"...pretty scary huh! Until they get these developed fully (which I think is why the Big3 are waiting) plan on continuing to be the "test case" for them. I hope you don't get a Prius that leaves folks stranded - you probably knbow there was 75,000 recalled - Yikes!!

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    It's a good thing honda has never had a recall, or wait. I just did a Google search on "Honda recall" and got 120 hits. Hmmmmm.

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