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    Hybrid Highlander Waiting Lists?

    I have a 2003 Toyota Highlander and am seriously considering buying a hybrid when it comes out this summer. I've read articles which state that some dealers are already starting waiting lists. I think that the hybrid Highlander will be very popular, and even though I think a waiting list is just an excuse for the dealer to charge you $2k-$3k above MSRP, I'm considering calling around and adding myself to one. Has anyone had a positive experience with dealers and waiting lists (particularly in the So. Cal area)? What do other people think about the availability of this car when it first comes out?

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    Hybrid Highlander Waiting Lists?

    I talked to a dealer yesterday and he said he had a waiting list of 55 people who have made deposits. He didn't offer to tak my name or money. Personally, I thught he was trying to blow me off, so I'm going to call around and see if I get a different response elsewhere. The Lexus dealer told me it the lis was so long it would take til the end of the year to get one. Plus they were all fully loaded and going for $53K!

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    Hybrid Highlander Waiting Lists?

    Kind of a side note to this topic:

    That's interesting that they gave you a price on the Lexus. As far as I know, the official word is not out yet on the pricing of either it or the Highlander. I'm guessing that the Highlander model that I want (4WD, heated seats, sunroof) will be around $33k - $35k. Too bad the third row of seats is standard, because (for me) it will just be useless and heavy. At least it's supposed to fold down flat!

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    Hybrid Highlander Waiting Lists?

    Well over a year ago I went into a Toyota dealer in San Francisco and they were willing to take a deposit. The target date on delivery has long since passed. I now have an Escape Hybrid and forced my dealer to start a waiting list. That is obviously not the case with Toyota as they are the 'hybrid' kings.

    As far as charging above MSRP, ever dealer is different. Making it a free market, with each one choosing its own behavior. There is nothing illegal about charging above MSRP. Just do a little search and hopefully you'll find a local dealer that is honest and doesn't have too long of a list. My hunch is if you do a little work you'll have one by mid 2006? Hey, don't frown, does Y2K seem like it was yesterday?

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    Hybrid Highlander Waiting Lists?

    How do the waiting lists work? If you put down a deposit, is it non-refundable? Don't you lose your negotiating leverage when you eventually make your way up to the top of the list?

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    Hybrid Highlander Waiting Lists?

    My experience with the waiting lists has been 'it is fully refundable at any time, for any reason.'

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    Hybrid Highlander Waiting Lists?

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    Hybrid Highlander Waiting Lists?

    I am very interested in the Hybrid Highlander. I am concerned that there are some problems with hybrids in below freezing weather. Can someone respond to this concern?
    Toronto, Canada

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    Hybrid Highlander Waiting Lists?

    I've got my name down on a waiting list for a Hybrid Highlander in Northern California. The first dealer I talked to indicated he didn't need any money to put your name down. But since I don't really trust that dealer, for several other reasons, I went somewhere else. The dealer I ended up at asked for a check for a $1000, but they didn't cash it. It can either be used for the down payment, or if you change your mind you can call them at anytime and ask them to mail your check back to you.

    You aren't going to have much bargaining power no matter what because the high demand for these vehicles pretty much means you are going to pay MSRP or higher, depending on the dealer. For me, my bargaining power will come from the trade-in value for my truck.

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    Hybrid Highlander Waiting Lists?

    I live in northern New York state and I own a Prius hybrid and it has no problem in the cold or snow.

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