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    Hybrid Hype and Consumer Acceptance

    The future is here,solution for a true and fully electri
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    Hybrid Hype and Consumer Acceptance

    Something many people seem to be forgetting is that the decision of whether or not to buy a hybrid has to consider the probabilities of different gasoline prices over the coming decade or so. A new vehicle can cost $30,000. If one buys an 18 mpg car and the price of gasoline is $6 in a year or two or three, cost of operation and resale value become problems.

    No one knows what will happen, but it seems far more likely that gasoline prices will double or triple over the next few years than that they will be cut to half or a third...

    I am breaking even with my Escape hybrid, but I drive 25K miles/year and a lot of those miles are in conditions where the hybrid makes a big difference. I also have a bit of an insurance policy, in that if gasoline prices shoot up, I am not stuck with a car nobody wants.

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