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    Ford EH Navigational System

    Can anyone give me feedback on the navigational system in the FEH? Specifically, are the maps stored on a CD or a DVD and does it seem to be accurate.


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    Ford EH Navigational System

    Yes, the information is on about 11 CD's that comes with the system. I am very satisfied with it but it does have a problem every so often. The disc I use in Florida covers a big part of the South East US.

    I highly recommend the system and use the energy and mileage screens to get better MPG out of my FEH every day.

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    Ford EH Navigational System


    Thanks for the reply. If I can delve a bit deeper; when I was in Florida I rented a Hertz car with their Neverlost system. Although I only drove locally, I wondered how far and what route the system would calculate to my home in Pennsylvania. Putting in the address, the gps system calculated the distance and projected a route. I did not have to change any discs. Would the Ford EH's system be able to do the same thing? Do you know what happens when you are driving and have to change from one disc to another? Thanks for any info that you can provide.


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    Ford EH Navigational System

    The system has a voice as well as a screen with a triangle (the car) which moves along the map. The voice is a woman's which is very clear with instuctions on turning onto named roads and highways.

    You are given a choice on shortest, quickest, toll free etc. to instruct you there. I haven't travaled out of the single disc but I would think it will ask for the other disc to be loaded at the time you input the address. It has room for six more CD's but I would think you would remove the one and replace with another in the dash.

    When I stop and eat or spend the night somewhere, it picks up the remainder of the trip until you get there or cancel the instructions. It has a home button to return you to a hotel, home or anywhere you want to return to. Home button can change just by holding down a few seconds

    The system has a zoom for detailed named roads 1/8 mile scale. The system keeps track of miles to turn and miles to destination. It has a voice button to push for a updates if you need it. Waterway, ponds, canals, oceans and bridges all show up on the map, so if your looking for a way across or around, you can see it.

    If you get to a town it will list gas stations, malls, Rest. or any points of interests. All previous addresses are stored to resume a trip which can be pulled up while moving. You must be stopped to input a new address, after that you can go to the "Previous Addesses and enter on the go.

    The system has so much information available and must be why there are so many disc.

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    Ford EH Navigational System

    I was determined to buy a Hybrid Escape, and bought the only escape on the lot. I knew zip about the nav system until after my creditor owned it. I have been nothing but impressed with the nav system.

    A nav CD needs to be in the dash, 6 audio CD's can go below the passenger seat. In the 500 mile range I've driven it I've never had to change a nav CD.

    Entering in a full destination address is surprisingly easy because although there is no keyboard, the system filters names as you cursor in letters. Three letters for a city and road is generally all you will need to enter, then pick from a list. When the address is entered, you give it a name and save it.

    The nav display operates in 2 modes. Map mode, and 'next turn' mode. It's also very friendly in re-calculating when you don't make an expected turn.

    It's hard to explain how well the system works because you need to experiencing the gps tracking in-motion.

    The downside? With a wife and 2 daughters, the female nav voice now means that I have 4 women telling me what to do.

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    Ford EH Navigational System

    I travel in my FEH quite a bit. I've changed CDs numerous times. Charlie, it will calculate a route to PA from Florida...and at a certain point will ask you to insert a different CD. But the screen doesn't go blank or anything when you cross out of that CD's range, it just has less detailed maps.

    Also, Ford is supposed to send updated navigational CDs annually.

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