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    Highlander Hybrid owners manual?

    Our Highlander Hybrid came with a standard hybrid owners manual. As we are learning, there are many meaningful differences between the two vehicles.

    Our dealer told us initially that "someone had taken the hybrid manual", so they replaced it with the regular one. Now they say there is no hybrid specific manual. I can't imagine Toyota producing these cars without a manual specific to the hybrid.

    Do you Highlander Hybrid owners have a proper manual? If so, is there a part number that I can give to my dealer?

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    Highlander Hybrid owners manual?

    Toyota has a web site with a copy of the manual. It is not as convenient as a hard copy but it is probably better than nothing.


    At least you know a manual exists

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    I have a 06 highlander

    I have a 06 highlander hybrid and it does have a separate and different PRINTED owners manual. the dealer should be able to order one for you, unless he is lazy...

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    dear sir i have a toyota

    dear sir
    i have a toyota hybrid car type highlander 2007 can i take printed owners manual

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    I have a Sept. 2006. The

    I have a Sept. 2006. The dash board has a permanent notification of 'Check VSC System'. What will do or what is the meaning of this as I lack the manual? Thanks.

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