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    Hybrid Extended Warranty

    I wonder if Honda dealers offer extended warranty for hybrid components. Factory will cover some of them for 8 years/80,000 miles. After 80K such repair is very expensive. It can cost $3000 to replace hybrid battery or hybrid voltage converter/inverter each !
    Anyone heard anything about extra coverage for hybrid components ?

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    Hybrid Extended Warranty

    It's extended by default/law if you're in a green state (California, Maine, Massachusetts, New York and Vermont). My Escape Hybrid's hybrid components are covered for 10yrs/150K miles here in NY.

    Also keep in mind that by the time you are out of warranty, IF you need to replace something, it will most likely be much cheaper by then as technology improves and as more and more hybrids are produced.

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    Hybrid Extended Warranty

    For those not in a "Green State" an extended warrenty to cover "non-hybrid" related problems, which are covered everywhere for an extended amount of time, is probibly not a bad thing to look into. Keep in mind ANY Honda dealer can sell you a HondaCare Warrenty (unles you live in FL and then you need to buy it froma FL Honda dealer) , and many dealers advertise on the web. Shop around as prices very widely.

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    Hybrid Extended Warranty

    Best price I have found comes from Moss Honda in Louisiana - http://mosshonda.com/ Email them explain what you looking for - length of term and deductable. They respopnded back to me withhoin about 10 minutes. Several Other good on-lines prices, but what I found is the local dealer will oftern match the on-line price if you tell them what yuo were quoted and the local dealer (mine at least) said they will honor the "full reefund if not used" feature that most on-line dealers will not.

    As most may know, the battery on the '06 HCH is prorated after the third year. One note of caution - the extended warrenty DOES NOT CHANGE this pro-rate. The same prorate applies even if you have the extended warrenty.

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    Hybrid Extended Warranty

    Sigh. Too many Larrys in the soup. Ok, I could change mine to "LarryG" but then I'd sound like a sax player and would try to commit suicide.

    But anyway, about the extended warranty: though I bought my 06 HCH from a dealer, I turned down their extended warranty, and bought mine through the local credit union. They have a 6year max, and for 6yr/100,000 miles total coverage it was $799 (think it's a $100 deductable, have to check). 6yr/90,000 would have been around 719 if I remember right. The credit union uses "Autoland" though the policy was written by another company.

    The thing to remember though is that the HYBRID part of the car has a very long warranty from Honda themselves, so you're basically just insuring the OTHER (non-hybrid) things, like power windows, locks, etc. Depending on the state you live in, you get pretty good warranty for the HYBRID part of the car. And if you live in California here (or the 3 other states I think, that have adopted California's laws) you get a super warranty on the hybrid parts (15yrs 150,000 I think, hybrid batter is 10yr/150,000 -- as oppsed to 8yrs for non-Calif states).

    But what I'm trying to say is, your car already has a long warranty period for the HYBRID components... just keep that in mind. So when you buy an extended warranty, you only need it for the non-hybrid parts.

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    Hybrid Extended Warranty

    But "Other Larry", the '06 HCH battery is only warranties 100% for the first 3 yearsm then the pro-rate (fo rthe remaining 5 years kicks in. As I stated above, the extended Honda Warranty does nothing to remove the prorate. Assuming $3000 for a battery, if it dies and needs to be replaced 4 year (48 months) after you bought the car the warranty covers 50%, so you need to pay $1500 Out of pocket.

    Not trying to scare anyone, just don't want any suprises.

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    Hybrid Extended Warranty

    That only applies to HCH battery right?

    I haven't read that the Prius hybrid warranty was pro-rated, so I assumed it was full replacement value.

    If Prius is also pro-rated does the Toyota extended warranty, if purchased before 3years /36,000 miles passes, does it cover the hybrid battery as well?

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    Hybrid Extended Warranty

    Hey, I own a 2006 HCH. Where do I find out about this extended warranty. The dealer just told us 3yr 36k mile general, 8 yr 80kmile battery.

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    Live in NY and just bought a

    Live in NY and just bought a new 2010 Prius. I am unable to find any information on the extended warranty available through the emissions law. I spoke to multiple individuals at the DMV even their legal and clean air units but nobody seems to know anything about this. Finally I spoke to someone at the DEC which supposedly mandates compliance with these laws and should know. I was told that they will research this matter and get back to me since they don't have any information on it.
    I also couldn't find any official sources online for this information other than similar car forums.
    If this law exists, everyone should know about it prior to arriving at the dealer. The dealer should also be mandated to disclose this warranty since it's provided at the state level.
    If you have any official source for this please reply to this post. We should get the word out, I'll do my part. THANKS for the info in the first place !

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    I just had my hybrid

    I just had my hybrid invereter and charcoal canistyer assembly replaced. I live in FL and have 101,500 miles on my 2006 Lexus 400h. Is there an extended warranty green law in Florida?

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