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    Proposed serial/parallel topology

    This has probably been thought of but I can't find any reference to it. The proposed layout is a motor/generator with a rotating 'stator', this connects to the ICE (or wheels) the rotor connects to the other one. A small chunk of electronics to control this lot and voila, a series system with only one electromagnetic component and a parallel system that needs no clutch/gearbox.

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    Proposed serial/parallel topology

    Interesting idea. I've never heard anyone discuss anything like this before - but that doesn't mean no one has. Let me see if I understand:

    - In EV mode, you'd lock down the ICE (and 'rotor') and drive the wheels with the 'stator'.
    - In pure battery charging mode, you'd stop the wheels (and 'stator') and drive the 'rotor' with the ICE to generate electricity.
    - When running and charging, you're assuming you could use electronics to dynamically control the power factor so that enough of the energy (from the ICE) goes to the wheels to maintain speed while any excess energy is 'pushed' into the battery as electricity.
    - I guess regenerative braking would happen by the same sort of thing.

    I suppose one shortcoming would be that you would need some sort of high speed, high current slip rings to get the power between the batteries and this moving motor/generator assembly.

    Overall, FWIW, I like it.

    I'm sure there are power control engineers out there (Edrive or AeroVironment for 2) who could handle the power factor control required.

    If I were you I'd file a provisional patent quickly although by posting this, it may be too late.

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    Proposed serial/parallel topology

    Yes, thats the general idea, I am an electronics engineer and the control bit would not be terriby difficult.

    Stuff the patent as Arthur C Clarke said all they do is give you right to be sued! If I am the first to think of this it is now in the public domain, no one can patent it now. Let the world have it!

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