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    Thinking of making the plunge

    I have a friend in the car repair business. When I have expressed my desire to buy a hybrid I was told that because I don't do much city driving that a hybrid would not end up saving much on gas. I live in a semi-rural area, average driving speed 40-55 when not on the local turnpike. I can usually get to where I want to go in under 15 miles. What is the general opinion out there for a driver like me?

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    Thinking of making the plunge

    Most people it seems don't get the EPA city mileage especially in large cities. I drive Honda Civic Hybird and get 30-33 city but 45-48 highway. I have short commutes also but am glad I switched gas in my area is $3.10 a gallon. I used to drive a pathfinder so i'll be about $600-700 on gas money a year. Trying using the Gas Mileage Impact Calculator on this website it will give an ideal of gas savings on any car model vs. any hybrid model.

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    Thinking of making the plunge

    I drive a 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid with an automatic transmission. See my blog at http://www.hybridcars.com/blogs/hybrid-commuter for today's MPG report: 52.2 MPG for a 149.2 mile trip.

    My only secret: Not exceeding the speed limit.

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    Thinking of making the plunge

    Howdy, Kelly. Your "friend in the car repair business" very likely would not have the training or expertise to deal with the technological elements in the Toyota Prius. Insofar as actual fuel economy, it is very rare that any car achieves the EPA published MPG numbers - due to the EPA methods of testing.

    My 1-year "real world" Prius driving results are 40-45 MPG short trip "in town" driving, and 52-55 MPG freeways driving at 70 MPH. Another element is the 5,000 mile service cycle - oil change & tire rotation.

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