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    I've been putting off

    I've been putting off trading in my old car for a convertible waiting for somebody to make a convertible hybrid. I'm sure as soon as I trade mine in one will come out within the year...just my luck.

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    OK guys how about it. People

    OK guys how about it. People have been TALKING about this for years! What the public is demanding is Hybird.... but also sporty we love convertables and want to drive green. IS that too much to ask? The technology is there why not invest in what the people want. A fun sporty convertable Hybird.
    My next car will be some type of Hybird, how about making it a convertable.

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    I am with you

    I am with you brother.....HELLO IS ANYONE LISTENING???????Americian made would be nice too!

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    A hybrid convertible seems a

    A hybrid convertible seems a natural extension of model lines that already exist, so I don't expect that there will be much longer to wait. For now, fuel efficient convertibles seem the only real alternative; Miata, Honda 2-seaters, and Minis. Any other suggestions? I sympathize with the comment that "as soon as I buy another convertible, Toyota will announce the convertible Prius..."

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    I would buy one

    I would buy one

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    OK guys its really simple

    OK guys its really simple and you all just arent getting it. I used to work for an automaker, and i will tell you that the idea of a hybrid convertable is not something that hasnt been considered. Its actually been tested ad nauseum, and the simple fact is that the aerodynamic restrictions of convertibles just does not mesh well with the current hybrid engines available. The increased drag literally COMPLETELY eliminates the fuel economy benefits of a hybrid. How many people do you honestly believe would spend the extra money for a hybrid that only gets between 3-5 more MPG than the traditional ICE version of the same car? From an economic standpoint, it just isnt worth it. Besides, the big 3 are bleeding enough money right now as it is without throwing it away on a pipe dream that wont sell.

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    I've been wanting a hybrid

    I've been wanting a hybrid convertible for years! when i asked at car dealerships if anything was in the "works" they kind of laughed and said, "ha, no because there isn't much market for that. People who want convertibles want them to be 'high performance'." EXCUSE me, but I'm a market for it! and i KNOW other people want it too! There's a guy living in So Cal who had his Prius converted into a convertible. So come on people, lets email those car manufacturers and have our voices heard. tell them there IS a market for hybrid convertibles! =D

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    Update: I'm now driving a

    Update: I'm now driving a pure electric convertible. See www.teslamotors.com for details. It's great:
    It blows away any other car on the road. It looks great, It handles great, It doesn't use gas. I can refuel it at home. It goes over 200 miles between refueling.
    The bad part: It cost me a pile and doesn't have a lot of trunk space. Clearly, there is a market for the $100K ecological vehicle (200 vehicles delivered, 1000 50% paid deposits) so there is likely a market for much cheaper ones, should the mass market manufacturers choose to make one.

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    I am driving a Porsche 911

    I am driving a Porsche 911 4S and am considering a Telsa today. I live on the East Coast, so I'm concerned about maintenance. Have you had any issues with your car, and if so, what are those and who maintains it if you are not within Telsa's service area? How is the suspension? torque? comfort? Is the convertible easy to use, and do you have a hard top? Any tips? Thanks for sharing.

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    OMG this guy is sooo right.

    OMG this guy is sooo right. i want one too. keep me posted.

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