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    I have said for 3 years that

    I have said for 3 years that we need a hybrid convertible. I only buy convertibles now. I prefer a 4-seater. Let's go. You make one for us who want to be ecologically & environmentally frugal & PC!

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    I thought that saab was

    I thought that saab was going to come out with one in 2009 and I have been anxiously awaiting it but it doesnt seem to be on the books yet...

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    I want a convertible

    I want a convertible hybrid!!!

    If possible today, if not tommorow, otherwise, next year!!!

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    I have an 04' convertible

    I have an 04' convertible and love it but cannot wait for the fellas in Detroit or overseas to create a hybrid convertible!
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    I am waiting for a hybrid

    I am waiting for a hybrid convertible as well I would like to have a mid-life crisis without adding to the global warming crisis.

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    ABSOLUTELY. I am car

    ABSOLUTELY. I am car shopping to replace my 1997 Sebring convertible and keep asking for a hybrid convertible. WHERE ARE THEY?
    PLEASE start to make them. I can't wait too much longer to purchase a new car, but would like the combination of luxury (convertible) and economy.

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    I, too, am in the market for

    I, too, am in the market for a convertible, but it must be green! Come on manufacturers, we're waiting! I don't care how fast it goes, I just want a four-seater (gotta carry the grandbabies) that does not pollute our beautiful earth.

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    thanks for posting that site

    thanks for posting that site i like it it shows the importance of hybrid cars! ill try to focus on that vehicle right now.

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    I've had convertibles for

    I've had convertibles for over 20 years--Mustang GT's. I want a green convertible, but nothing exists. Saab is exhibiting a hybrid convertible, but it is only a concept car at this time.

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    I don't know what to think.

    I don't know what to think. The new accord and CR-V (as mentioned) follow some new philosophy of not making any sense. Nothing seems to flow together or look uniform. Don't get me wrong. Its better than the wall-paper boring designs they've had. I guess it if sells (which it probably will), they'll be fine with it.

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