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    Really wanted to buy a z4

    Really wanted to buy a z4 next month... but with gas prices expected to hit over $200/barrel, I'd really love bmw to come out with a hybrid z4!!

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    I found this thread after

    I found this thread after googling "hybrid convertible".

    For two years now I've been planning on what to buy for my next car after paying off my 05 Corolla. I've never had a convertible and I really want one. Plus, I also really want a hybrid car. I've had the thought that Toyota should have no problems putting together a hybrid Solara (especially since they already have the hybrid Camry--that's a no-brainer). I've been telling all my friends and family and they all think it would be a great idea. Although I read somewhere that 08 or maybe 09 is the last year for the Solara and that Toyota has a replacement for it (don't quote me on that and look it up please). Time to make a hybrid convertible? We all think so Toyota. A hybrid convertible Scion would be a huge success with the young hipster demographic. A hybrid convertible tC? I think so.

    I also agree that corporate lobbying is fighting the change to greener fuels tooth and nail--and refuse to let go of oil (more like the profits that come with dealing in oil.) Add to that the fact that car companies want to develop cars that are going to sell in large scale, and yes... it will be a while yet.

    Who cares if aerodynamics affect a convertible's fuel consumption. It will consume less gas than a gas car. Ideally, all of us posting here would love to have a car that uses zero gas (or the greenest available car) while also getting something that we can afford. We know about the Tesla, but duh! who has $100K--or even qualify--or want to--finance a $100K car?

    Seriously. Car companies, if you're reading these posts, take a listen. For every person who posts here there are many others who think the way we do and want what we want but are not posting. Please take every effort to deliver an affordable hybrid convertible soon. I, like many others posting here, will not buy another car to replace my current car until I can purchase an affordable hybrid convertible.

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    I have a 325CI and I would

    I have a 325CI and I would like better gas milage, and I would like to have somthing that is good for the enviroment, but still have somthing fun to drive.

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    I dont get it...honestly. I

    I dont get it...honestly. I guarentee that the first company to make a hybrid convertible will "bank" on an unbelievalbe scale. No one else will have one, so the only available option will be the one to choose, obviously. C'mon car companies!!!! PLEASE DEAR GOD MAKE A HYBRID CONVERTIBLE! If you dont, honestly, its your loss.

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    i would also guess one of

    i would also guess one of the reasons would lie in the fact that a hybrid engine cannot produce enough power to have a true sports car feel, because we simply dont have quite the technology yet. Maybe some day soon. And honestly who wants to be behind the wheel of a sporty convertible that drives like a prius.

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    Lindsay, You've obviously

    You've obviously been suckered by the myth that hybrids have to be weak. Unfortunately, today's hybrids are produced by an automotive industry that doesn't want to obsolete the rest of its car fleet, especially not their high-margin sports car lines. The battery technology in today's hybrids is controlled by Chevron-Texaco as well and they really don't want to see hybrid offering much electric performance. Therefore, the Prius, HCH, etc all offer minimal electric benefit.
    Now move over to reality, unbiased by corporate inertia and greed! Electric conversions are consistantly beating supercars on the dragstrips. see http://www.nedra.com/record_holders.html for some pretty impressive stats.
    The new Tesla Roadster, a production pure electric (hybrid without the gas) will best most supercars and sports cars made today - and its a convertible. Did I mention that it gets effectively 153 mpg equivalent as well?
    The problem is not the hybrid, its the manufacturers. Keep pushing on them by telling them what you want (see my previous post above for the phone numbers). Hold off buying a new car as long as you can until they make what you want. Save your money so you can buy a Tesla!
    There's no reason that we should have to drive weak, underpowered cars just because we want good gas mileage. That was required of the Internal Combustion (Gas) Engine, not the Electric Motor.

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    Please BMW give us a hybrid

    Please BMW give us a hybrid convertible!!!??
    Love my X5, but want to help the environment, and my gasoline costs, while enjoying the sunshine.
    Also less the weight of a hard top, should make a convertivle even more gas efficient, if you would just PLEASE MAKE ONE!

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    I keep telling everyone I

    I keep telling everyone I know that my "midlife crisis" car will be a Prius convertible. I'm only 38, so I'm giving them a little time to produce one. My whole life I've wanted a convertible, and ever since they came out I've wanted a hybrid. So why can't I have both? My midlife crisis awaits...

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    I want a hybrid convertible.

    I want a hybrid convertible. That's what I want to buy and just realized that there are none.

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