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    Hybrid Convertible?

    How about a Geo metro convertible from the early 90's? They get around 48 mpg with a manual transmission, 37 with an automatic (EPA ratings).

    You may also consider the VW Beetle TDI convertible

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    Hybrid Convertible?

    I have one right now: motorcycle. Seats 2, gets 70MPG in daily commute, and top is down any time

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    Hybrid Convertible?

    Yes I want a hybrid convertable too!!! sure you can buy a convertable and get some good milage but it is not just about that, it's also about helping our environment and these other convertable vehicles that are non hybrid are not as supportive in that way

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    Hybrid Convertible?

    FINIALLY the SAAB 9-3 Hybrid Convertible. I urge all who desire this to rush a note to SAAB. I plan to!!!...and buy me one as soon as they are on the market. (I already called my local saab dealership to tell them I would purchase one the minute they are out.....AND never even owned a saab before.)

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    Hybrid Convertible?

    What is the problem with American manufacturers? Are they completely out of touch with real people? Get ahold of it guys. We absolutely need to be independent. It seems impossible that we do not have the technology so come on ... do it. Give us a hybrid convertible! We will be waiting in line.
    Paul J. Ianni - Connecticut

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    Hybrid Convertible?

    Here is the answer, if your pockets are deep enough: http://www.teslamotors.com/

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    Send a note to SAAB!

    I already penned a note to SAAB a couple of months ago. I got a generic reply from their customer service... you'd think a car released in Europe would be easy enough to manufacture for US consumption. SAAB, we want the convertible! Honda, Toyota, Mitsubishi... we want hybrid convertibles!!

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    I have been searching for a

    I have been searching for a hybrid convertible for ages. Apparently the Saab still isn't in production. Think of it this way... you would use your a/c much less frequently, thus helping the environment. Don't you think that a hybrid convertible would be one of the most environmentally friendly vehicles? Why, oh why aren't the car companies catering to the convertible market.. Baby boomers.. duh!!

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    Actually, because of the

    Actually, because of the aerodynamics, convertibles generally get worse gas mileage than well designed closed vehicles, even with the A/C on. Of course, convertibles are a lot more fun.
    The only green convertible that I know of in development is the 135 mpg(equivalent) pure electric supercar, the Tesla Roadster. It's going to set you back $100K but it's an awesome performer and the greenest of the green.

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    I want one

    I want one

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