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    Prius Noises After Shutdown

    I have noticed noises from my new Prius after I shut it down. They are not noises that I am alarmed about, just curious as to what is happening within the vehicle at this time.
    Anyone know what is happening?

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    Prius Noises After Shutdown

    Cars are noisy after shutdown - the more you listen, the more you will hear. The most prominent is usually the electric motor for the radiator cooling fan when it continues to run for a few minutes, and associated fan-blade and associated airflow noise. As the exhaust manifold and its asociated shrouds and heat shields and other hot components cool down, you'll sometimes hear pinging, popping and stretching sounds. And as the engine and coolant cool down and contract, you'll hear gurgling sounds.

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    Prius Noises After Shutdown

    Those are normal Prius hybrid noises, but I don’t know what they are, or where they’re coming from? Maybe the hamsters are winding down for a snack? Enjoy your Prius!

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    Prius Noises After Shutdown

    The Prius does have a system for pumping hot coolant into a insulated tank and storing it there when the car is shut down. When you start again, if the engine is cold, the hot or warm coolant is pumped back into the engine to speed up the warm-up process. All of this will make some noise...

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    mine does the same thing and

    mine does the same thing and i always feel the urge to apologize and explain to my friends who cringe at the annoyance. since toyata offers no explanation, i have to reach my own conclusions. after careful consideration, i think the car is either trying to connect to the internet to let toyota know how things are going, or it's dialing the mother ship.

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