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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    A quote from CARKB.COM

    " F. Robert Falbo - 02 Dec 2004 23:41 GMT
    >>> Does anyone have any ideas why diesel is selling at or above premium
    >>> gasoline?
    [quoted text clipped - 6 lines]
    > regular. Odd, since diesel is basically kerosene and much easier to refine
    > than gas.

    Well, Diesel is actually just a bit better than home heating oil. Yes, it
    does come out lower on the cracker than gasoline, but its also lower than
    kerosene. Diesel could be thought of as cleaner #2 fuel with less parafin
    and impurities, but with the addition of some additives. For cold
    climates, kerosene is blended to improve starting and flow characteristics.

    Diesel costs more than gas because States tax all Diesel fuel as if you
    were driving a tractor-trailer. So really, anyone who drives a diesel
    car, pickup, or SUV is getting overcharged because the tax is based on a
    tractor-trailer's wear & tear on the roads, not a smaller vehicle.

    Sounds to me like the basis for a class-action suite.

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    WOW, thanks alot man.

    That answered it all, that was my primary question (and point of this thread) before the flamers hijacked it and turned it into a diesel vs. hybrid debate again.

    Around here in Ohio diesel can be .10-.25 higher than premium gasoline, and that was my point of question.

    Sounds like Ohio is once again showing off it is run by corrupt politicians and lobbyists (ie. Coingate Scandal, some of the highest taxes in USA, the fact it is one of 4 states that don't test fuel quality, etc)

    But anyways, THANKS again

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    Thanks for stopping by Aaron- actually your intial post left a lot of latitude and the discussions back and forth-- although a bit much at times-- has been a good hybrid or diesel q and A.

    Not a hijack for sure and definetly a public service- congrats on intitiating the discussion!

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    I prefer Hybrid cars. I'd rather get away from things like Gasoline and Diesel as much as possible...especially since using them tends only to encourage the oil companies...LOL


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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    If you prefer hybrids, how are you going to get away from gasoline or diesel? Your hybrid consumes gasoline, just less of it than a conventional car. And a modern diesel auto consumes less fuel as well, comparable to or better than hybrids in some circumstances.

    Pray tell your logic?

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    Despite higher taxes diesel has historically cheaper
    than gasoline. The exception was 2005 in some
    parts of the country. Diesel is much less energy
    consuming to produce than gasoline. It is also
    far less polluting and safer to handle.


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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    There are two sides to the coin; fuel consumption/and airpollution. In some instances, diesel cars can come close to similarly matched vehicles in MPGs; However, on the emissions side-- hybrids win hands down.

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    Thanks for indulging me regarding my posts about my '98 TDI. I realize this is a hybrid forum, not a TDI forum.

    Just got back last week from a week-long car trip to southern colorado. Three passengers, and the trunk absolutely crammed with camping stuff. So much weight, in fact, that the rear suspension was drooping a bit.

    We drove over steep mountain passes, and also interstate highways at +75 mph speeds, in high winds, with AC on.

    Overall, I averaged 45.5 MPG.

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    To MOS

    "Hands down" ? You are absolutely wrong.
    Depends what kind of pollution you are talking
    about and what cars you are talking about.
    Diesel cars with particle filters are cleaner than
    hybrids and the cars are on the market or about
    to enter it here in the US. Your hybrid consumes
    gasoline and it gives off many pollutants that you
    wont see in the diesel or it has less of. In addition
    the refinining and handling of gasoline gives much
    more pollution than diesel plus the refining of gas
    is very costly and energy wasting compared to
    diesel, but being a hybrid owner you wont consider
    that side of the story. We all know about global
    warming and the diesel has a cost effective way
    of reducing that problem with immidiate effect.
    Hybrids will too, but at a steep price subsidized
    by the government. Gradually increasing the mix of biodiesel (has a neutral effect on green house gases).
    A much cheaper way to reduce oil and gas import
    would be to put a 10% tax on crude oil and oil
    products. It could be used as a tax subsidy of
    $1000 for approximately 35 millions homes a
    year. Many homes need attic insulation for
    a few hundred % to save 10-20% of heating or
    cooling. Government could give a direct tax credit
    for making all those homes energy efficient rather
    than forfeiting $3000-$10000 in income tax and
    sales tax on hybrids. Seem to me that we are
    looking in the wrong places. There used to be
    a tax credit for solar heating projects and home
    insulatiion during Carters administration, but it
    was revoked when Regan took over. Dont want
    to bring politics into this, but I am just reprting

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