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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    Hybrid folks ...at least take open the link below and
    see whats out there in the rest of the world..take
    time and click on the different diesel cars offered
    under "Cars we want, but cannot get"
    Also who is right? European regulations that
    believe reducing CO2 is the most important issue
    or the US thinking it is not that important (remember the US did not sign the Kyoto Accord)
    Click on the Opel Vectra for example and see its

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    Thanks for the links.

    Regarding the government PDF file link, the unsubstantiated claim is worthless, given most obvious evidence.

    Where are all these longer lasting cars?

    Question for the diesel enthusiasts?
    How many diesel autos have been sold in the U.S. over the years?
    I haven't been able to find the facts anywhere.

    Personally I've heard that Europeans have a cleaner diesel fuel and understand that todays diesel autos are a clean running efficient machine.

    Except for the fuel, everyone was saying that 20 years ago.

    In 30 years (2036) will the U.S. highways be ablsolutely flooded with old 2006 TDI's...
    Like our highways today are crammed full of aged 1976 Golfs?

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    ...and where are the links proving that todays
    new diesels will clog up from the ultra low sulphur?
    Last September I was in Greece and took a cab to
    and from the airport to the city. The cab had a
    contract with the hotel and the driver /owner of
    this MB E-class CDI said he made many round trips (40 kms each way) every day plus other trips.
    His taxi was a little more than a year old,but already had over 180000kms and he said the car had been perfect. I saw no smoke from this one and numerous other MB CDI taxes as well as
    Skoda Octavias (VW owned TDI brand).
    Thats what u get when u combine good diesel fuel
    with modern diesel engines. But I dont think
    some of the hybrid crowd will ever get away from
    "this diesel bus in Houston" mentality so why bother

    per day

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    on my last link click on "slideshow"

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    180000Km is about 112,000 miles.
    That sure is alot of miles in one year, and his taxi should last much longer than that.

    A guy I worked with back in the 90's had an old Corolla with over 400K miles.
    I think it needed to be retired.

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    Re MB taxi in Athens...I stated it had 180000km
    and that so far he had no problems

    It will probably last as long as my brothers MB
    C-class 94 diesel...it passed 500000km recently
    and he never did anything to the engine or fuel
    system...sorry no link for that ...lol

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    Relative to diesel fuel B100 has:
    50% less smog forming potential
    100% less sulfates (acid rain)
    55% less PM
    5% more NOx
    78% less lifetime C02
    70% less Greenhouse gasses
    55% less VOCs
    45% less CO
    HC, PAH, nPAH substantially less than petrodiesel.

    Compare gasoline to diesel fuel:
    70% less PM
    55% less NOx
    29% more lifetime C02
    35% more greenhouse gasses
    170% more VOCs
    415% more CO

    Compare gasoline to biodiesel fuel:
    Equivalent (0%) sulfates
    15% less PM
    60% less NOx
    107% more lifetime CO2
    105% more Greenhouse Gasses
    225% more VOCs
    460% more CO

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    And which fuel require more energy during
    refining and associated production?
    Looking at the numbers above the question is
    which one cause the most harm to humans and

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    All hail the TDI. Volkswagen should be commended for producing such fuel-efficient diesel engines in the face of constantly changing regulations:

    EPA, Department of Energy recognize New Beetle, Golf and Jetta as fuel economy leader

    AUBURN HILLS, Mich. – Travel season is quickly approaching – a time when millions of people will take to their cars for the annual family vacation and trips to the beach. This summer, however, recent spikes in fuel prices have many people canceling their plans and keeping the car in the garage. Volkswagen, the leading manufacturer of diesel passenger cars in the United States offers much-needed relief for those planning to hit the open road, by offering up to a 35 percent increase in fuel efficiency – a fact recently recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE).

    Diesel versions of the New Beetle and Golf are the highest fuel economy models in their respective vehicle classes, according to the EPA and DOE’s 2006 Fuel Economy Guide. Additionally, the Volkswagen New Beetle, Golf and Jetta hold four of the top ten positions for best fuel economy, according to the EPA.

    In the 2006 Fuel Economy Guide, the New Beetle TDI leads the subcompact car class for both manual and automatic transmission, with 37/44 (city/highway) mpg for the manual and 35/42 mpg for the automatic. The Golf TDI leads the compact car class for manual transmission, with 37/44 mpg.

    Volkswagen has reported TDI diesel sales of more than 22 percent of total sales for April year-to-date. During the month of April, Volkswagen witnessed a correlation between rising fuel prices and diesel sales, with diesel sales accounting for more than 40 percent of New Beetles sold and 38 percent of Jettas for the month. Volkswagen diesels have also been approved for use of B5 biodiesel fuel."

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