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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    Here is a paragraph from a posting by "link man"

    But popular gas-powered vehicles donít always become best-selling hybrids. Honda Motor Co.ís Executive Vice President Dick Colliver said last month that the automaker may cut production of the Honda Accord hybrid because sales have been so slow.

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    Yea, notice how the the hybrid pushers continue to 'forget' about 45mpg diesels like the Jetta/Golf TDI, continue to omit any reference to biodiesel, or the lower emissions of alternative fuels. Hell if Toyota had put a small 1.2L turbodiesel in their new subcompact it would be getting 60 mpg now - instead of 36 on gasoline.

    When you get down to brass tacks, the people who didn't like diesels 20 years ago are giving the same old wornout excuses they don't like them today. Meanwhile our nation faces an economic catastrophe which hybrids and pie-in-the-sky hydrogen technology can't possible solve on their own. Despite government tax incentives their popularity is already starting to cool as repair costs for the driveline and computer systems start to add up.

    If you want to really help the environment and the country, give up your gasoline prejudices and try an economical, hi-mpg bio-fueled vehicle sometime. Lowering emissions with a cleaner-burning, made-in-America fuel feels great.

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    Timothy ...you are so right and Toyoya has the
    modern diesels...they are just not marketed here
    in NA at least not the USA..info can be found about
    Toyota diesels in a search engine...
    maybe we should create a new discussion forum
    for certain people...title would be
    "Spewing diesel buses in Houston versus hybrids"

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    The war in Iraq cost us 80-100 Billions a year.
    We import oil for 3 times that every year.
    Time to use less by also make incentives for
    clean, frugal diesel engines. Give them incentive
    and favors like the hybrids have then the consumer
    can choose. Cant wait for Biodiesel (made in USA)
    mix come to NY area. A good site is
    Willie Nelson Biodiesel.
    Lets help sufferin american farmers rather than sending our money to not so friendly countries.
    Let the gasoline users have Ethanol and 10 year from now we can compare notes.

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    I don't see diesel as playing a big role in the uS passenger car market. There is a neighborhood availability problem, and only a few models of cars have fuel efficient diesel engines ( The VW Jetta TDI is the one that comes to mind). Toyota won't make a diesel engine car becuase of a lack of emission system lifespan relative to the engine lifespan, leaving us with European levels of diesel pollution.

    5 states can't sell diesel passenger cars including California and New York due to air quality requirements. There is too much sulfur in our diesel fuel right now as well.

    Car manufacturers are focusing on ethanol as an alternative fuel as well as hybrid technology. cars like those in Brazil are already being produced by Ford and GM that can take both gas and ethanol as fuel as well as a mix of both. Much more practical.

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    The VW Jetta TDI is the best diesel offering in the US at 32/43 MPG EPA ratings. Emissions are still concerning, particularly as the vehicle ages.

    The better hybrid offerings are 49/51 and 51/60 with a much more favorable emissions profile.

    Hybrid over Diesel by the facts on the ground now.

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    MOS...u must be sleeping...havnt you seen in the
    newsmedia lately that EPA rating for hybrids
    are OVERSTATED...actual mileage much less
    I can verify that the Jetta TDI averages 45mpg
    from my own records over 18 months.
    Secondly Toyota has diesel engines in most of
    its cars if not all. I have personally been a passenger in a RAV. Corrolla has one, Honda has
    them. Mitsubishi, Nissan, Volvo, BMW, Fiat..etc
    and am talking passengers sedans and SUVs.
    Dont you research on the internet or car magazines first. Even Chrysler 300, Jeep
    Ford has passenger cars with diesels. Wake up

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    MOS...havent you read any of the inputs above
    or kept yourself informed? Maybe you dont want
    to know, but as of Aug/Sep 2006 gas and diesel
    will be practically sulphur free!!!!!!!

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    MOS u wont give up...u keep on talking about
    the ways of the past...Toyota have has a
    diesel sedan since around 1970.

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    Just to give a few numbers with our TDIs:

    2004 Jetta TDI wagon (1.9 liter, 100 hp/177 lb-ft, 5-speed manual): 47-48 mpg average in daily commuting.

    2005 Passat TDI (2.0 liter, 134 hp, 247 lb-ft, 5-speed automatic): 38-40 mpg in daily commuting.

    No straining to achieve this, just respecting speed limits (62 mph/100 km/h in Quebec), about 85% highway/10% city, 5% rural.

    Range with the Jetta: record is 816 miles, and with the Passat 700 miles. Those are MILES, not kilometers (for the record, 1306 km and 1120 km respectively)

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