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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    Re: Absolutely Amazing [View News Item] (Score: 1, Normal) 05-09-2004 01:02

    A diesel engine has always a better power efficiency..it moves more energy into movement than into heat. Thats also a reason why the heating system in a modern diesel car is different form petrol cars. On cold winter days it would take to long to get the cabin warm.

    For example the diesel Accord has an air condition with a reverse function so that you can have immediately warm air on a cold winter day other cars use electric power to support the heating system until the engine is warm enough.

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    Honda Diesel Sets New World Records

    Date: May 07, 2004 18:07
    Submitted by: Jeff
    Source: Honda UK PR
    Credibility Rating: N/A

    Hondas new Accord 2.2 i-CTDi Sport has this week set no fewer than 19 world speed records and achieved 3.07 litres / 100 km (92 imperial mpg, ~76.6 US mpg) fuel economy to boot. British racing driver Robin Liddell and freelance journalist Iain Robertson were part of the European record-setting team.

    Amongst the speed records set, which were all achieved in Production Car Class B (2000 2500 cc), were 133.04 mph (1 mile flying start), 84.25 mph (1 mile standing start) and an average speed of 130.38 mph over a 24-hour endurance period. These records were all set at Papenburg high-speed oval test track in north-west Germany on 1 and 2 May, and are all subject to FIA ratification.

    Two production cars, randomly selected by FIA officials, were used to undertake the speed records, and apart from the fitting of roll-cages, racing harnesses and radio equipment for track-to-pits communication, no other modifications were made to the cars.

    Following the speed record attempts, the same two cars were then driven 419 miles from Papenburg test track to Wiesbaden, near Frankfurt in order to complete the fuel economy run. The route comprised of a mixture of motorway and non-motorway driving, during which one of the Accords achieved a staggering 92 imperial mpg (US mpg=~76.6) average.

    The project, whose aim was to demonstrate the performance and economy of the Accord i-CTDi, was a joint production between Honda, the FIA and Italian-based JAS Motorsport, who managed fuelling and pit-stops.

    Honda UKs driver in the speed record attempt, Robin Liddell, who has previously raced at Le Mans 24-hours, as well as the American Le Mans Series and the BRDC British GT championship, commented: "The cars performance is very impressive, demonstrated by the records weve achieved. Honda has made real steps forward in styling, ergonomics and interior design with the new Accord Diesel and now has a package that can take on the best cars in its class."

    A complete list of speed records, all subject to FIA ratification, is as follows:

    1 mile
    Flying start
    133.035 mph

    1000 metres
    Flying start
    133.115 mph

    Standing start
    42.865 mph

    500 metres
    Standing start
    58.672 mph

    54.198 mph

    1000 metres
    73.277 mph

    1 mile
    84.250 mph

    10 kilometres
    118.487 mph

    10 miles
    123.138 mph

    100 kilometres
    130.435 mph

    100 miles
    131.036 mph

    500 kilometres
    130.381 mph

    500 miles
    131.032 mph

    1000 kilometres
    130.629 mph

    1000 miles
    130.786 mph

    1 hour
    Standing start
    131.257 mph

    6 hours
    130.490 mph

    12 hours
    130.378 mph

    24 hours
    130.379 mph

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    "Funny how some diesel enthusiasts like to portray hybrid as overly complicated while thier own cars require Nox catalysts, particulate traps, scrubbers, and everything else, while hybrids have a normal catalytic converter."

    Those are mostly a simple, single mechanical/chemical component with no moving parts, which are replaceable at reasonable cost once worn out. Compared to the extreme electronic complexity of a hybrid, with its multiple computers and extensive sensors, the modern diesel is simple in the extreme. As expected, computer/sensor glitches already constitute the #1 repair issue for modern hybrid owners (go check out a Toyota service center some time), and this will worsen as the cars age. There is always a price to be paid for being first on the block.

    Until a hybrid is made that will run on 100% ethanol, it too is part of the OPEC dependency syndrome, which supplies so much of our oil intake in this country. At present, only the 100% biodiesel and WVO/SVO fueled small diesels like the VW TDI present an independent alternative that relies totally on fuels produced solely in the USA.

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    "Ahh...you are talking about the large trucks.

    I'll agree a hybrid is not a good choice in that matter...but I thought we were talking passenger cars."

    We are talking passenger cars. Truck or car, diesels last longer before major overhaul. The average diesel engine is simpler, heavier-built, and will far outlast a similar displacement gas engine given similar use, it's inherent in the diesel's sturdier build, method of ignition, wear profile and average rpm at peak power. Anyone who would attempt to argue that gas engines outlive diesels hasn't studied automotive technology for very long. If nothing else for the top-end wear on a gasser. Notice how on many high-mileage gas engines of 150,000 miles or so, many have undergone a top-end overhaul. The higher-rpm operation tires the valve springs and you end up put a valve into a piston and destroying it.

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    Yeah, the hybrids are sooo much less complicated than alternative diesels with their awful $200 particulate cat on the exhaust pipe..NOT! In the unlikely event the cat ever does get 100% plugged, at least I could still unbolt the thing and drive it home...

    "Prius Computer Problems. Nancy Morrison joined an elite group last year: She became the proud owner of a Toyota Prius. Those hybrid cars combine electric and gasoline engines to deliver amazing gas mileage -- often more than 50 miles per gallon. But it takes a lot of technical wizardry to make the car run correctly. A computer controls just about everything, from the touch screens inside to how the gas and electric engines cooperate. You don't start the Prius; you boot it up.
    Everything was going great for the Santa Cruz, Calif., resident until the day she drove the car just a mile too far. Despite a "low fuel" warning, Morrison ran the tank dry. The car stopped. But adding fuel couldn't get it to restart. It turns out her little oversight completely wiped out her car's memory. The entire software setup had to be reinstalled and configured by the dealer."

    "Prius Hybrid Dogged by Software Woes - A software problem is causing some Toyota Prius gas-electric hybrid cars to stall or shut down while driving at highway speeds...Some of the cars that shut down had to be towed to the shop before they could be restarted. The newspaper quotes an official from Toyota as saying the stalling problem is due to a software glitch in its sophisticated computer system."

    I would like anyone who is thinking of buying a Honda Civic Hybrid to be careful. It has problems. Mine had a computer problem and went through a 7/11 store with my foot on the brake. I couldn't get it to stop running. I could have been killed and anyone in the store could have been killed. This is coming up quite a bit, the surge forward on the Honda Hybrid."

    I have owned my car for over 4 years and driven 140,000 miles. It has done well on gas but the cost of owner ship has not been cheap. Every 60,000 the tune-up is 900-1200 dollars, gone through 7 sets of tires at 450 dollars a set. The car has had several problems to include the following, new computer, new charging system for the batteries, new battery pack, 3 control sensors replaced, oxygen sensor. This is to name a few of the problem. The car has seen more at the dealler time than my Ford Aerostar with over 225000 mile. So if you want good mileage, yes the Prius is a good car, but the cost of owner ship can be high.

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    The Hybrid relieves us in the United States of dependence on mideast oil by reducing consumption to a level wehere we can take care of ourselves. This weeks newsweek has an important article on the future if left unchnged supported by facts from the last two weeks and prior.

    Air quality problems are mounting in cities and vehicle emmissions have primary responsibiltiy.

    Driving a hybrid is a statement by those who no longer want to be part of the problem. Diesel engines continue to worsen both of these problems.

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