It would be reasonable to expect EPA mpg to be
close to actual mpg. Dont you think so?
I would hope most people would expect that.
So if the Camry hybrid get 10 mpg less than what
is posted I think there is something wrong!
Would you not agree on that. As mentioned before
Car & Driver exceeded the TDI's EPA mpg with
1 mpg.
So now you compare the Honda Hybrid with the
Jetta TDI. Usually the comparision is done within
the same brand. Like gasoline Honda versus the
hybrid Honda. This is something you know Hot-Georgia, but you are running out of excuses for
the high premium for hybrids. Maybe you should
make your hybrid looke even better. Compare it
with another diesel the MB E class CDI.
At $50000 the MB makes the hybrid look like
a saving of $25000 or more. Hybrid owners are
getting desperate. Maybe u can find the price
of a Civic Hybrid then the price of a similar
gasoline Civic. Please do not include us taxpayers
forced handouts to you guys. Thats the prices
that should be used for comparison.
By the way if the governments "entitlements"
for hybrids is not enough to keep the sales going
then maybe the hybridlobby will arrange for
goverment subsidized gas for hybrid owners.
Would not be suprised if that happens.