You still dont want to understand MOS. The Audi
A2 diesel exist and could be on the US market
when the clean diesel is here. And the reality
is that will be here in a few months.
Using your rules no one should even mention an
improved hybrid that will be available this year???
While deciding what is the best choice is to calculate
what is more energy saving to build. Is it a hybrid
or a diesel? What about the two fuels and transport? There are many factors to take into account. It seem that we have ended in a stalemate, but hopefully readers and particpants
have learned from each other. I will be just doing reading from the sidelines for a while.
I have one question first.
Where can hybridcars be repaired once they are
off their warranty? Can they be repaired at any garage? If not will that be possible in the near future and will repair cost be similar to regular cars?

but hopefully