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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    After 70000 miles I cleaned the intake manifold
    and associted ducts on my TDI...much less to clean
    out than I expected, but now it is done...took me
    5hrs of work that could have been at maybe 100000
    miles. When the new diesel fuel coming I expect that clogging is less likely..wonder how hybrid
    batteries will do...is their warranty prorated?

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    Another link for the "link man", but he probably
    rather not read this one


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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    I found this humorous from your link:
    "If you include the heavy-duty pickup sector, diesel already outsells hybrid in the U.S. Total sales of diesel vehicles last year"

    Funny that they had to toss in a complete class of vehicles which are not offered as hybird.
    Speaking of honesty...makes me wonder why they didn't include sales of heavy diesel delivery trucks as well as marine vessels as well?

    "Americans' consciousness for diesel cars haven't been pierced. There's still a big marketing job to be done"

    Marketing diesel cars have been going on for decades. Every year it portrayed as clean burning and not smoking. Same old Cliché. This stuff gets old after a while (No punn)

    Here's a link for you:
    Hybird sales more than doubled in 2005

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    Government makes has so far done a lot to stop
    diesel cars by not mandating diesel fuel to be clean
    like other western countries. In the meantime they
    force us all to subsidize complex hybrid cars.
    Read above link again.

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    Still waiting for MOS reply.
    He did the same as the "link man"
    Comparing old diesels with the best hybrids.

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    "Instead of relying on wild, unsubstantiated claims... I'll go with evidence around me along with research. "

    B.S. Steve, total B.S. You'll stick to your pre-conceived biases. You got your cited quote from John. You also got a point-by-point technical description of the diesel vs. gas engine, which you failed to refute, explaining why the average gas-engined car ain't going to last as long as the average diesel. That's not 'wild unsubstantiated claims' by any standard.

    Now, damning all diesel passenger cars, including biodiesel and svo-veg oil cars because of the exhaust of a poorly tuned school bus or a Ford F-350 1-ton truck in front of you, THAT's wild and unsubstantiated criticism. Obviously you haven't ridden the vegg oil busses in Colorado, or driven a converted SVO diesel passenger car, they only make one hungry (french-fry smell).

    Pointless to argue with a guy like that.

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    Here is a quote from businessweek link

    "The U.K. offers an interesting example, since diesel costs about 3% to 5% more than gasoline at the filling station. Britain was pretty anti-diesel up to five years ago. But diesel vehicles have grown rapidly to 40% of new car sales, up from about 15% in 2000"

    Evidently they still buy diesel despite higer
    diesel fuel prices.
    Any comment from the guy who was stuck
    behing some tailpipe in Georgia...(I bet it wasnt
    a tail pipe of a MB E-class running on ultra low
    sulphur diesel)

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    Aaron- Thanks for your question. We all want to have cleaner air, better fuel efficiency from our cars, and less dependence on middle eastern oil over time.

    The Hybrid solutions do offer these things in sveral cars like the Toyota Prius and Honda Civic as well as a slew of soon to be released smaller hybrid cars in the 15,000 dollar range starting in 2007.

    Purchasing a hybrid means less time going to the gas station and no other changes in lifestyle. I do agree that some of the hybrid SUVs are somewhat silly, but are better choices than a diesel powered Ford Excursion for instance.

    Diesel has a lot of unrealized potential here in the US as posted in some of the above narratives, but inreality the typical offereings in place have more pollution emissions and are NOT as fuel efficient in terms of MPG. You need to be over 45 MPG to be in the hybrid competitor category to get there. Also, Diesel gas stations are not in every neighborhhod as well.

    Although an interim technology, some of the hybrids out there now as well as some in the near future are choices of conscience for those wanting to become part of a solution to air pollution and foriegn oil dependence issues. BY the 1000s of gallons per year and tons of emissions per lifetime of vehicle.

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    Mos still refuse to answer my posting dated May06
    and as far as mpg my Jetta TDI exceeds "the MOS
    limit of 45 mpg". Seem like MOS does not want to
    talk about the very best of diesels, but keep on
    referring to diesel techology that is getting old.

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    MOS...u must live on the North Slope of Alaska.
    Far between diesel station. As I had mention before
    here on Long Island there are 8 (possibly more)
    on a 16miles highway stretch between my house
    and where I work. Surely there are probably
    3 times that number selling gasoline. Therefore
    I drive in fear that my 600 miles rang TDI will
    run out of diesel before I make it to the next station. Did you ever realize that if more people
    purchased fuel efficient diesel then more stations
    will sell diesel.
    Anyhow if you are worried about lack of diesel fuel
    how can we ever start using hydrogen cars.
    How far between are those pumps.
    Would like to see comments not skirting the issues.

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