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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    Diesel engines in their most common form in the US are heavy polluters. A simple gander at a Houston City bus, or smell, is more than enough to show this. Diesel engine use is necessary for large weight/pulling commercial trucks/construction etc, but there do need to be better alternatives that truely address emissions as well as fuel efficiency at the passenger car level.

    Diesel motors in their most commonly used form are a big part of the air pollution problem around the world.

    Hybrid vehicles such as the Prius, Honda Fit, Civic and others just around the corner are much better for air quality and are excellent for fuel efficiency. Diesel passenger cars arent a big player in the US anyway thankfully. The more hybrid small cars out on the roads means the closer we get to moving away and certainly lessening dependence on middle eastern oil, a terrible achilles heel for our nation.

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    Hybrid or Diesel?


    Can u explain why u compare yesterdays technology diesels to todays modern hybrid
    and gasoline cars. Would like to see your answer.
    Yes old diesel engines with dirty diesel fuel
    pollute, but so do old gasoline cars and trucks.
    Especially on CO2.
    How about comparing modern MB, VW, Toyota,
    Honda etc new diesel engine running on
    clean diesel fuel.
    Would like to see if u have an answer.

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    How about comparing the human experience of diesel exhaust to gasoline exhaust.

    Agreed Both gas & diesel exhaust is terribly unhealthy to breathe.

    But while a smokey gasoline vehicle stinks and if intense enough makes one gag,
    Just a small amount of diesel exhaust causes throat restriction and severe eye irritation.
    Just a moderate level of this gaseous toxin can temporary blind you in that you can't even open your eyes.

    To many diesel enthusiasts THEIR car doesn't stink. Of course not, they are safely seated before their tailpipe. It's the rest of us that suffer.

    What really bothers me is that while my own engine is at zero pollution while stopped at a light, the F-350's 4-inch exhaust pipe is pumping that toxin against my window glass at eye level.

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    I'll agree that most of the new diesel autos don't smoke, it's the older ones.

    The problem is when the new diesel cars get older there you are again.

    Yes I've read so many times that the NEW technology won't do that but it plays like a skipping record...It's the same old claim year after year after year, then there you are struggling to breathe behind that nasty ol VW Golf.

    Only a few short years ago when that nasty ol Golf was new, was touted as "clean". "New technology". "Reliable"

    Instead of relying on wild, unsubstantiated claims like "more than 50% of all diesel cars are still on the road today" I'll go with evidence around me along with research.

    Who knows I might be proven wrong as these new TDI's get a few years behind them.
    But that's not likely given ALL of diesels false claims of the past...and present.

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    I think Diesel cars are a great alternative to gasoline, and definetly can be more economical.
    But so can some hybrid cars.

    Today diesel cars offer a nice, comfortable ride with great economy.

    What I don't understand with all that going for them why in the world would enthusiasts post unsubstantiated false claims such as longivity and other things.

    And why many, under NO circumstances will NEVER, EVER admit to any flaws what so ever?

    Personally If I read that someone loves his TDI and gets great economy it carries alot more weight rather than postings of bloated claims.

    It doesn't progress your agenda.

    Wouldn't you consider a hybrid car more if you simply read that someone loves theirs so much and gets great economy, rather than if the person goes on to claim 500,000 mile battery life on average, lower up-front cost and superior performance?

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    What I meant by "flaws" are things associated with diesel cars, like scanning over stations to find a diesel pump or sign which was discussed here recently. Other things as well, like admitting the unique diesel smell I mentioned earlier.

    To his credit I think ONE person here admitted that ALL stations don't sell diesel. I believe he also mentioned it wasn't a problem.

    That's a BIG step in honesty among diesel enthusiasts, most won't even admit to that very obvious fact.
    It's that kind of honesty which me, and I suspect many others appreciate and can begin to take diesel more seriously.

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    Never seen so much....B.

    Still waiting for MOS to reply

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    Doesnt this guy understand that ifmore diesel cars
    were sold in the US more and more gas stations
    would sell diesel and if it is such a problem today why dont small diesel delivery trucks have a problem finding diesel...I am happy to fill up
    from my own 275gls tank in garage

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    I criss crossed most of the US in a gasoline
    car (rental) and some places like North Dakota
    there is a gas station every 30-50 miles and people up there survive too..should a diesel
    car owner like me in NY area worry because there
    are only diesel available every 2-3 miles?
    Thats ridicoulus

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    Hybrid or Diesel?

    "Someone" is predicting the future. He knows that
    hybrid batteries will last forever and he also know
    that the newest diesel engines will be clogged by
    the ultra low sulphur diesel.

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