Just amazing why people in the USA has not
"discovered" the modern diesel automobile.
After having having owned a Jetta TDI 2003 with just minor problems so far we (my wife and myself)
purchased a used Jetta TDI 2005 last December.
The older Jetta has 67000 miles and the newer
one 17000 miles. We are routinely getting 45mpg
in everyday driving. Many write ups states that diesels get 25% better mileage. Try 50-70%.
Autoweek states that purchasing a car with diesel
engines carry an extra cost of $3000. The fact is
that the Jetta TDI cost about $1000 more and
keep its resale value much better than the Jetta
with the gasoline engine. The same goes for all
diesel cars on the market.
Wonder when the general public will open their eyes?