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    Windows vibrate on Prius

    it has to do with the aerodynamics of the car. it is nothing vibrating. it is the high speed wind fighting itself. if you open another window in the front, the wind has somewhere to go and the noise stops.

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    Windows vibrate on Prius

    This "resonance" / "vibration" is called a "Karman Vortex" (named after the same aerodynamicist who designed the Karman Ghia, by the way). It's the back-and-forth buffeting you feel when you drive too close behind a big truck; the same effect causes a flag to ripple in the wind. See http://www.everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=922954 for a short discussion; and http://www2.mech.kth.se/~yuan/CFD05/...s/image001.gif for a picture.

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    Has anyone gotten the dash

    Has anyone gotten the dash rattles that seems common on Prius' fixed permanently? We've had our '07 Prius in the shop 3 times already to try to fix the same passanger-side dash rattle. I just brought it home yesterday and this morning heard the rattle again! I'm losing hope.

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