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    No gas from Iraq?


    will hybrids lessen our dependence on foreign gas supplies?

    fuel economy and personal costs are an important consideration. But now I'm thinking it would be important to not have to depend so much on foreign gas supplies.

    Will the hybrids do this for us?

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    No gas from Iraq?

    It is certainly a good start. Hybrid technology is here to stay, and the benefits are being seen by many. All Toyota models will have a Hybrid option in the next few years. The time to focus on planet health and destroy reliance on fossil fuels is now!
    Hydrogen is the next source of energy, however is still a few years away. People don't change until their mad, Get Mad!

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    No gas from Iraq?

    Hydrogen is NOT a source of energy, hydrogen is a way of storing energy. Currently the vast majority is created by catylizing natural gas, it can also be made by passing large amounts of electricity through water. Either way you end up getting less energy from the hydrogen than you used to make it, unless someone can defy the laws of thermodynamics.
    Hydrogen will have its place in our energy future, most likely i think as a way to store excess wind and solar energy to reuse at times of low light and wind but it will not be a cure all for all ou environmental woes.
    Currently fuel cell cars cost more than $1,000,000 to buy, and conventional wisdom makes it very difficult to beleive that this will be brought down to buyer friendly levels anytime in the next two decades. My personal opinion is plug in hybrids will be the dominant vehicle in ten years time, and if fuel cells become practical than the obvious choice is out with the battery pack in with a fuel cell.

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